PhD Comics


Even the sternest academics can get off on a good laugh. Scholars and laymen alike can enjoy these cartoons created by Ph.D. chasers.

07/11/14 PHD comic: 'The Warm Waters'
almost 4 years ago
07/09/14 PHD comic: 'Professor Vacation'
almost 4 years ago

Doctoral School


PhD candidates at the University of Sussex scribe insightfully on their travails here. Students around the globe will get a kick out of these charming posts.

A message from the Doctoral School…
by lachapman2013 over 3 years ago
A message from the Doctoral School…
by lachapman2013 over 3 years ago

Partly Cloudy


Blogger Camille is courting a PhD in industrial design. She composes her site in a way that includes even those who don't have a clue about her field.

The Fire and the Rose


This student at the Princeton Theological Seminary seeks to understand more about the religious world. Indie music, tea, and coffee also show up and lend some levity.

New website
by David W. Congdon over 2 years ago
A New Introduction to Rudolf Bultmann
by David W. Congdon over 2 years ago

Tanya Roth


A history PhD student lets readers into the trials and tribulations of creating a dissertation here. Anyone who's ever written a massive volume will relate to her thoughts.

“Not Less a Mother”: Military Motherhood, 1953 and 2015
by tanya.roth over 2 years ago
Think, think, think
by tanya.roth almost 3 years ago

Ryan's Linguistics Blog


A PhD student in the field of linguistics uses some great language to color his thoughts on this site. Phonetics, syntax, and more factor in here.

Review: Through the Language Glass
by Ryan Denzer-King over 3 years ago



Blogger Dorothy wields a wealth of experience in archeology into her pursuit of a degree in medieval history. She keeps track of her research via this blog.

Today in 6 BC a Baby Was Born ...
by Dorothy King over 2 years ago
Merry Christmas Everybody
by Dorothy King over 2 years ago

Scott Harrison


This history PhD candidate moonlights as an expert mountain climber. Read along as he scales the heights of peaks and periods of history.

William C. Barley


A PhD candidate in comm studies writes about delving into the field at the graduate level here. He also publishes his papers on the site, for neophytes to drool over.