Since My Divorce


This blog is dedicated to celebrating the good that can come from divorce. The blog is written by a woman who wishes to share her journey to new life after divorce, after being married for almost 18 years.

Beyond Divorce Giveaway
by Mandy Walker about 4 years ago
The Key To Surviving Divorce Is Your Thinking
by Guest about 4 years ago

What’s love got to do with it?


With divorce and the dissolution of marriage running rampant, this blog explores why modern women don't find their Mr. Right. If you are wondering how your marriage ended in divorce, you might find the posts on this blog particularly compelling.

Jealous of your partner’s past
by modobs over 2 years ago
An ex for a brother
by modobs over 2 years ago

Divorce Law Journal


Here you will find divorce and family law information for professionals in Kentucky and beyond. Posts highlight notable family law cases as well as explore topics such as marital property, child support and visitation, debt division, and divorce practice resources.

Published Opinion from Ky Supreme Court - Same Sex Partner Permitted to Intervene In Step-Father Adoption Case
by Diana L. Skaggs over 2 years ago
Published Family Law Opinion from Ky Supreme Court - Settlement Agreement Not Incorporated in Divorce Decree
by Diana L. Skaggs over 2 years ago

The Oregon Divorce Blog


The Oregon Divorce Blog presents divorce and family law information, as dictated by Stephens Margolin P.C.--a full service family law firm located in the heart of Portland, Oregon. The firm exclusively practices family law, from adoptions, dissolution of marriage, annulment, and separation actions to child custody and support matters or the modification of existing orders and judgments.

Helping People During Divorce – Parenting Time Enforcement
by Sean Stephens over 4 years ago

New Hampshire Family Law Blog


This blog provides information and insight for people struggling with divorce and family law matters. Kysa Crusco--the blog's author and a practicing family lawyer--explores topics such as adoption, alimony, child support, and domestic violence.

Norberg v. Norberg: Alimony Cannot Be Waived By Agreement
by Kysa Crusco almost 4 years ago
In Re Lyon: Extension or Renewal of Alimony to be Made as Justice Requires
by Kysa Crusco almost 4 years ago

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer Blog


This is the blog of the Law Firm of Sandy T. Fox, P.A., located in Aventura, Florida and serving clients in Miami Dade, Monroe, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The law firm provides care and competence, as they assist in matters such as alimony, visitation, divorce, paternity, child custody, or child support.

Invalidating a Prenuptial Agreement in Your Florida Divorce
about 3 years ago
Husband's Alleged Online Activity 'Disconcerting', But Not Cyberstalking Under Florida Law
about 3 years ago

Albuquerque Divorce Lawyer Blog


This blog is published by Collins & Collins, P.C., and provides great information on divorce and family law in New Mexico. Collins & Collins strives to maintain the highest levels of client representation and professionalism, and this is made evident on their blog.

Child Custody, Time-Sharing, Secondhand Smoke and the "Best Interests" of the Child
over 4 years ago
Grandparent Visitation in New Mexico Dictated by Best Interests of Child
over 4 years ago

Divorce Lawyers Chicago


This blog has everything you should know about divorce in Illinois. The blog is authored by Michael C. Craven, who represents clients in all areas of family law including divorce, property division, custody, child support, paternity, domestic violence, and the preparation of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

How Do I ask my Fiancé for a Prenuptial Agreement?
by Michael C Craven over 4 years ago
Hiring a Lawyer in Your Divorce Case
by Michael C Craven over 4 years ago

The Chicago Family Law Blog


The Chicago Family Law Blog covers the sensitive practice of family law, which includes everything from marriage and adoption to divorce and child-custody disputes. The blog is frequently updated with summaries of the latest news and development pertaining to Chicago family law.

Gay Divorces: A New Take on an Old Problem
by Jenny Tsay, Esq. about 4 years ago
Gay Marriages Legal in All Counties: Illinois Atty. Gen.
by Jenny Tsay, Esq. over 4 years ago

Hattiesburg Divorce Lawyer


This blog is published by the Law Office of Timothy J. Evans. Evans is a Hattiesburg, Mississippi attorney who emphasizes the areas of divorce, family law, and bankruptcy in his practice.

Fulton County Divorce Lawyer Blog


Popular topics on this blog include divorce settlement agreements, alimony, and child custody disputes, amongst others. The blog is published by the Siemon Law Firm, which promises to do their best not to add any anxiety to the already stressful process of divorce.

Houston Divorce and Family Law Blog


Strategically located in Houston, Texas, Kerr, Hendershot & Cannon, P.C.--the publisher of this blog--serves clients throughout Texas, across the nation and internationally. Their Texas lawyers handle a wide variety of family law matters, including divorce, annulment, paternity, child custody, child support and custody modifications, adoption, spousal support, and alimony.

Investigations involving Stark, Anti-Kickback Statute are more frequent
by On behalf of Kerr, Hendershot & Cannon, P.C. about 4 years ago
Employers Need To Know: Changes Under the Affordable Care Act in 2014
by By Kerr, Hendershot & Cannon, P.C. over 4 years ago

Divorce Coach


Claudia Broome, this blog's creator, is a certified divorce coach eager to help divorcees take control of their lives. She has created a special "Woman's Guide to Divorce" and many other strategies for forging a new and successful path after divorce.

Collaborative Divorce Newsblog


The purpose of this blog is to help people make respectful, civilized, value-based transitions from couple to single. The blogger is a collaborative family lawyer, trainer, speaker, writer, and consultant to collaborative divorce professionals and practice groups worldwide.

The Smarter Divorce


The Smarter Divorce blog is a blog about employing collaborative dispute resolutions throughout and even after one's divorce. Collaborative Dispute Resolutions--the group behind the blog--is a group of independent professionals who are dedicated to the promotion and practice of respectful conflict resolution.

Collaborative Divorce Coaching


Micki McWade presents information and helpful tips for collaborative divorce coaches and those training to be collaborative divorce coaches. The material on this blog will be most helpful for professionals as opposed to individuals going through a divorce.

Ontario Family Law Blog


This blog provides news and updates on family law and collaborative team practice issues. The blogger is an experienced divorce and family lawyer who has been practicing law for over 20 years.

Top Five Reasons Why You Need a Will
by Brian Galbraith over 4 years ago
Smart Divorce Options
by Brian Galbraith over 4 years ago

The Divorce Collaborative


The Divorce Collaborative blog provides great information about collaborative divorce, divorce mediation, and general topics concerning divorce. Posts on the blog range from how to break divorce to your kids to alimony reform.

The Initial Telephone Call to The Divorce Collaborative LLC
by Colleen Cunnally over 4 years ago
Massachusetts Mandatory Parent Education Program For Divorcing Parents With Minor Children
by Colleen Cunnally over 4 years ago

Just Mediation


Just Mediation offers a blog that covers topics such as divorce mediation, elder care mediation, theory, and much more.

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over 2 years ago
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over 2 years ago

Peace Talks


While this blog is the company blog for an attorney turned mediator, it is also updated frequently and covers relevant issues. The essential dialogs that Peace Talks focuses on include subjects like the importance of prenuptial agreements and the routes to uncontested divorce settlements.

Mediate BC


One problem of the modern world is that sometimes mediation must occur when fewer than all of the parties involved are present. This blog discusses the nuances and techniques of mediation conducted over distance by various media.

The legal consequences of a refusal to mediate
by MediateBC Society about 4 years ago
Caution: We often see only what we are looking for!
by MediateBC Society over 4 years ago

The Boston Divorce and Mediation Blog


This divorce blog is not afraid to get its hands dirty, and investigates some fascinating stories about mediation. What happened when a bitter divorcing wife got on Facebook pretending to be a saucy young girl interested in her husband? Here's a hint, the husband had a plan. Check out this excellent blog to read more.

Divorce at Any Age
by Jon Fields over 4 years ago
Bitcoin and Divorce: Declaring your Digital Currency
by Jon Fields over 4 years ago

Tracy Fischer Mediation


Something as emotionally charged and important to the lives of its participants as mediation is a dynamo for producing difficult situations. Tracy Fischer's blog looks at some of these in a Q&A format, and provides the author's professional opinion on each subject at the impressively low cost of free.

Alternatives to Massachusetts Family Court
by Tracy Fischer about 4 years ago
How to Choose a Divorce Mediator in Massachusetts
by Tracy Fischer about 4 years ago

Massachuttes Family Law and Divorce Mediation


This divorce mediation blog discusses everything from how members of a divorce can stay mentally and physically healthy through the process to the trends of marriage as they stand today. Readers interested in an all-encompassing approach to divorce mediation will find this blog perfect for their varied interest.

It’s not too late to RSVP!
by Larri Parker almost 4 years ago
Congratulations class of 2014!
by Larri Parker about 4 years ago