Psycho Solo Diver


Psycho Solo Diver is the personal journal of this diver/blogger. The name comes from a one-time occurrence of solo diving (which is extremely dangerous). If you’re also a scuba diver, this blog will give you a good idea what to expect when you’re out diving.

RIP – Southern California Diving Icon Dennis Gunn
by PsychoSoloDiver over 2 years ago
An Automated Garbage Can To Clean The Harbors?
by PsychoSoloDiver over 2 years ago



ScubaScoop is styled as a newspaper for divers. Frequent updates about the latest news, sightings, and sites make up a majority of the posts. This blogger also welcomes input from readers and guest posters.



Undercurrent is one of the oldest magazines for divers. It was established in 1975 and has been the go-to subscription ever since. Their blog features multiple bloggers and great reporting on a huge variety of topics.

Free Diving Hazards
by Bret Gilliam over 4 years ago
Can coral polyps grow in my skin?
by Doc Vikingo over 4 years ago

Scuba Diving Blog from Sunny South Florida


Scuba Diving Blog from Sunny South Florida really says it all in the title. This blogger reports about the scuba diving from his home in South Florida, and the blog includes a widget that reports on the surf/diving conditions every day. If you’re from South Florida, put this on your reading list.

Scuba Diving Adventures


Scuba Diving Vacations and Other Stories has been in operation since 2005 and has posted hundreds of reviews of scuba diving spots. Will they ever run out of places to review? Read this blog daily to find out—my guess is no.

Where wetsuits fear to tread – the Titanic conspiracy
by Vicky McLean over 4 years ago
Add your post here
by Julieanne over 4 years ago



Divester was a great, personal blog from a diver who clearly loved to share his experiences and knowledge. Unfortunately, the blogger could not keep up with the demands of posting daily, but this site is still a great source for information, stories, and reviews.

Skift Acquires Gadling Travel From AOL
by Rafat Ali about 4 years ago
$7.2 Million Cash Found in Suitcases at Panama City Airport
by Zach Everson over 4 years ago

Learning to Scuba


A blog following a diver from their first try dive through certification and beyond.

All Maritime News & Travel Around the World


Portal on travel news and maritime chronicles around the world, with the latest events about the liquid element, including places to visit for vacations, ship's and scuba diving information.

DIVE.in Scuba Magazine


DIVE.in (www.dive.in) is a free online scuba magazine for both new and pro divers. We have a ton of guides, articles and news -all about the scuba world. Join us as a writer or just take part in the underwater world discussions we have.

iSeahorse: Saving Seahorses Together
by Torben Lonne about 4 years ago
Fish Are Friends – And Food!
by Thomas Grønfeldt Senger about 4 years ago

Bubbly Underwater


I'm a diver and this is my dive blog, where I share some of my scuba diving experiences and thoughts about diving

Tony's TivSAC BLog Book


Adventures with Tiverton BSAC in beautiful Devon, UK. Diving logs, club goss, silly sketches. See you underwater!

Scuba Diving Fiji with Dive Wananavu Fiji


Do you love scuba? We do. We are Fiji's active social contributor engaging divers with articles on diving, lifestyle & daily dive reports live from the Bligh Water, Sunshine Coast, Rakiraki, Fiji.

Aqua Venture DiveGroup pictures
by Wananavu Dive Boys about 4 years ago
Light Feet and Heavy Heart – Chris and Vicky leaving Wananavu
by chrisliles over 4 years ago