Elliot Jay Stocks


We found Elliot's blog intriguing and we think you will agree. There is a ton of information here about illustration, graphic design, various software packages, and interesting discussions.

The new studio
by Elliot Jay Stocks almost 2 years ago
That was 2015
by Elliot Jay Stocks about 2 years ago

Creative Curio


We thought this blog was not only an excellent resource, but it takes a closer look at social media and graphics. Very insightful!

Ries' Pieces


Best-selling author and marketing guru Laura Ries dissects the latest news and trends in graphic design, from brand changes and advertising faux pas to naming strategies.

Super Bowl 2014
by Laura almost 4 years ago
Marketing to do list for 2014
by Laura about 4 years ago



Discussions on current topics in graphic design, links to the latest competition winners, and resources for people looking to become a part of the ever-expanding design community.

Digital Designer
by almost 4 years ago
SEA Design
by Luke Tonge almost 4 years ago

Dan Germain


The personal journal of a creative designer, including explorations of style, music, and facial hair art.

Ministry of Type


Hallmundur's blog explores every facet of the written word, from type and typography to lettering and calligraphy. Each post examines a poster, work or website, pointing a critical eye on its use of font and lettering.

Converting to IBM System/360
about 3 years ago
Server Mechanics
about 3 years ago

Elliot Swan


A designer and web developer offers commentary on the current state of affairs in web design, social media, freelancing, and whatever else is on his mind



Unabashed love for all things illustration makes this one of the web's most inclusive illustra-blogs. There is a slightly pronounced preference here for commercial art.

Alexandra Ipate


A graphic designer and freelance web designer discusses the ins and outs of the latest software releases and her experiences navigating the world of web design.

Cinnamon Brainstorm


Advertising and design freelancer of the year Karen Cinnamon offers her views and opinions on graphic and web design, branding, advertising, and all things digital. Lots of unusual examples are on display as well as all the latest tips and tricks for iPhones and iPads.

Ashlee Hocking


Join me on ashleehocking.com for inspiration and musings in graphic design, illustration, typography, art, interior design, and more.

Illustrator Spotlight: Christmas Edition
by Ashlee Hocking about 4 years ago
New Paintings!
by Ashlee Hocking about 4 years ago