The Skeptical Seeker


The Skeptical Seeker reveals the thoughts and experiences of an atheist and thoroughgoing naturalist woman in Louisville, KY. She blogs about the creation of meaning and purpose in her life and what it means to be a freethinking atheist woman in modern times.

Unreasonable Faith


Unreasonable Faith presents reasonable ideas and thoughts on religion, science, and skepticism. The blog's creator, Daniel Florien, was a fervent, evangelical Christian for over a decade before rejecting the faith and considering himself an atheist and a skeptic. A number of other contributors also write posts for the blog.

360 Degree Skeptic


As you may have guessed from its title, this blog provides a religious skeptic's perspective and is devoted to promoting critical thinking without limitations. The blogger researches and writes on topics ranging from general skepticism and science to biblical criticism, evolutionary psychology, and the nature of time.

Bye-Bye 360 Degree Skeptic
by Andrew Bernardin over 4 years ago
Natural Born Bullies?
by Andrew Bernardin over 4 years ago