Atheist Ethicist


Religion is often used as a moral compass to help establish right versus wrong and good versus evil. Thus, one may wonder how an atheist--with the absence of religion--develops an idea of right and wrong. The Atheist Ethicist ponders and addresses this question as it presents a view of right and wrong, good and evil, in a universe without gods.

Criticizing an Idea
by noreply@blogger.com (Alonzo Fyfe) over 3 years ago
Legitimate Criticism and Defining Characteristics
by noreply@blogger.com (Alonzo Fyfe) over 3 years ago

Common Sense Atheism


This blog's aim is to promote rational thinking and naturalism as a means of encouraging people to refine their thoughts and beliefs towards deities. The blogger contends that belief in God requires one to use double standards in their thinking. The goal of this blog is to expose those double standards.

My new personal blog: LukeMuehlhauser.com
by Luke Muehlhauser almost 4 years ago

The Antichristian Phenomenon


This blog is a forum for people who are strongly opposed to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and their long legacy of what the blogger calls "pointless war, atrocity, stupidity, bigotry, political and social manipulation, philosophical domination, etc." The Antichristian Phenomenon aims to unify people who hold anti-Christian views and exchange information regarding the subject. It is a good place for discussing news, personal experiences, and philosophies.