Friendly Atheist


Atheism is one of the most popular and pronounced philosophies known among the general public, and Friendly Atheist is among the movement's most dynamic and deep-thinking blogs. Its founder Richard gained fame for an eBay auction that allowed bidders to request him to spend time in an actual Christian church. That willingness to test belief to its extremities distinguishes the whole site. Regular readers are also invited to ask Richard their most probing atheism-related questions.

Cardinal George Pell Admits “Enormous Mistakes” in Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal
by Hemant Mehta over 2 years ago
Make America Drumpf Again!
by Hemant Mehta over 2 years ago

Foxhole Atheism


The Foxhole Atheism blog serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it is an open forum for free thinkers to share their ideas and experiences while also providing support and understanding towards members of the virtual community who may be in a figurative foxhole with respect to their beliefs. Secondly, the blog serves as a sort of journal for the blogger to share his own encounters and experiences with atheism as he ponders the ins and outs of religion and his own beliefs and disbeliefs.

The Pragmatic Denial


The Pragmatic Denial is written my a man who spent his college years pursuing a degree as a Christian minister, but just as he began the post-graduation job search, he became extremely turned off to the faith and the idea of making a living out of the fear and weakness of others. Most of the posts on his blog reflect a hostile attitude towards all religion, and focus on establishing their absurdities and inconsistencies.

Agnostic Thinking...


This blog talks about agnosticism, atheism, rational thinking, gay subculture, and other related topics. The blogger considers himself a Rationalist, and claims that he can find no way to rationally justify a belief in a personal god.

Kriss the Sexy Atheist


This blog is about atheism, art, music, culture, and any and everything else the blogger feels like writing about. Posts on the blog vary in nature, but they all promote critical thinking and a strong analysis of the "norm." Unlike many other atheist blogs, Kriss the Sexy Atheist is not overly sardonic towards Christians and other religious enthusiasts.

The Sun Also Rises...Up Yer Fuckin' Arse
by noreply@blogger.com (Christopher B. Camia) over 4 years ago

Deep Thoughts


Deep Thoughts is an atheist blog that explores religion, atheism, clergy sexual abuse, hypocrisy, and a number of other topics that the blogger finds interesting. The blog has a tab called "Pedopastors" in which the blogger highlights a running list of clergymen who have been arrested for suspicious sexual activity with children. This section of the blog was created to emphasize the illegitimate and hypocritical nature of Christian morality.

Goodbye John Boehner
by noreply@blogger.com (Mojoey) over 2 years ago
Hypocrites come in uniform too
by noreply@blogger.com (Mojoey) over 2 years ago