Debunking Christianity


Debunking Christianity combines philosphy, atheism, and a secular view of the world to create a blog that provokes critical thinking and deep questioning. The blogger's expressed intent is to change the religious landscape, one person at a time.

Define Faith? It's Quite Easy Really
by John Loftus over 2 years ago
Come Out To SASHAcon On March 19-20th. I'll be one of the speakers.
by John Loftus over 2 years ago

The Secular Outpost


The Secular Outpost provides commentary on various happenings in the world from a perspective that is skeptical of religious and supernatural claims. There are six contributors to the blog, and posts range from discussions of what God cannot do to the probability of a miracle occurring.

The Bible is Useless


As one can infer from its title, The Bible is Useless is a blog about why the Bible, and religion more broadly, is useless. Many of the posts highlight outrageous claims made by the Bible and the Christian faith, and demonstrate support for the blogger's claim that the Bible is merely "a book written thousands of years ago by nomadic herdsman."

Kriss the Sexy Atheist


This blog is about atheism, art, music, culture, and any and everything else the blogger feels like writing about. Posts on the blog vary in nature, but they all promote critical thinking and a strong analysis of the "norm." Unlike many other atheist blogs, Kriss the Sexy Atheist is not overly sardonic towards Christians and other religious enthusiasts.

The Sun Also Rises...Up Yer Fuckin' Arse
by noreply@blogger.com (Christopher B. Camia) over 4 years ago

The Damned


The Damned highlights the most provocative and interesting posts from atheist blogs in one place. If you're looking for a compilation of great debates posited by atheists or skeptics, this is the blog for you.

Dwindling in Unbelief


An unbeliever shares his thoughts about the Bible (the principle text of Christianity), the Quran (the principle text of Islam), and the Book of Mormon (the principle text of Mormonism). The blogger goes pretty in-depth in his analyses of the texts, and he presents both religious and scholarly debates.

Maimonides was wrong (and dishonest): There aren't 613 commandments in the Torah
by Steve Wells over 2 years ago
Which is more violent, the Bible or the Quran?
by Steve Wells over 2 years ago

The Good Atheist


Posts on The Good Atheist bring awareness to various occurrences in the news, media, daily life, and popular culture that demonstrate the problematics of religion. It also highlights atheism and atheists who you may not have previously heard of. The blog also has a podcast for subscribers who choose to pay a 20 dollar annual fee.

Islamic TV: How to beat your wife
by Jacob Fortin over 4 years ago
Ray Comfort calls out Neil deGrasse Tyson
by Jacob Fortin over 4 years ago

The Antichristian Phenomenon


This blog is a forum for people who are strongly opposed to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and their long legacy of what the blogger calls "pointless war, atrocity, stupidity, bigotry, political and social manipulation, philosophical domination, etc." The Antichristian Phenomenon aims to unify people who hold anti-Christian views and exchange information regarding the subject. It is a good place for discussing news, personal experiences, and philosophies.



Triangulations is a blog about navigating life, as we learn to check ourselves with trusted and tested sources, such as religion and science. The blogger is a former believer turned atheist who navigates life with skepticism, freedom, and compassion.

360 Degree Skeptic


As you may have guessed from its title, this blog provides a religious skeptic's perspective and is devoted to promoting critical thinking without limitations. The blogger researches and writes on topics ranging from general skepticism and science to biblical criticism, evolutionary psychology, and the nature of time.

Bye-Bye 360 Degree Skeptic
by Andrew Bernardin over 4 years ago
Natural Born Bullies?
by Andrew Bernardin over 4 years ago

Good Reason News


Good Reason News shows the harm of religious beliefs. Posts showcase news segments and current events in which religion is used to justify discrimination, suffering, or potentially detrimental outcomes. The blogger's opinion is given with each news story shared.

Deep Thoughts


Deep Thoughts is an atheist blog that explores religion, atheism, clergy sexual abuse, hypocrisy, and a number of other topics that the blogger finds interesting. The blog has a tab called "Pedopastors" in which the blogger highlights a running list of clergymen who have been arrested for suspicious sexual activity with children. This section of the blog was created to emphasize the illegitimate and hypocritical nature of Christian morality.

Goodbye John Boehner
by noreply@blogger.com (Mojoey) almost 3 years ago
Hypocrites come in uniform too
by noreply@blogger.com (Mojoey) almost 3 years ago

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