The Taite Gallery


The Tate Gallery is one of England's and the world's most prestigious artistic venues; this website, then, is one of the web's most hilarious Brit parody sites.

Aziz is Bored


One of the hottest comedians in the game currently, Aziz Ansari's personal blog is comprised of videos and material that -- wow! -- make the laugh-a-minute-man laugh.

Dallas. Reblog if ya trying to come out next week....
over 3 years ago
Reblog if ya goin. Tickets and other cities listed at...
over 3 years ago

Political Humor


You can always count on scenarios involving words like "electorate," "impeachment," "veto" to also involve more than their fair share of guffaws.

Political Cartoons of the Week
almost 4 years ago
When Photo Ops Go Horribly Awry
almost 4 years ago

The Funny Blog


"Do you smile at least once a day?" If you're visiting this particular site on a regular basis, you'll constantly be showing off those (hopefully) pearly whites.

Funny cat picture, Where the laser comes…
by admin about 4 years ago
DHL Pranked UPS, TNT and DPD Into Advertising For Them
by zaby about 4 years ago

A Funny Blog -- By A Thin Guy


Hey -- why is it that only hefty boys and girls can be humorous? This blog proves that even the bone-thin among us can be blithe.

about 4 years ago
Time-Lapse build: LEGO® Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220) 
about 4 years ago

Best Funny Blog


Why is this, among all blogs, the best funny one? Because "we filter out the trash and only bring you the BEST" pics, vids, and gossip.

by Levgenni about 4 years ago
by Dezzi about 4 years ago



This is admittedly a site that favors the frat boys out there, yet almost any one can visit and expect a good diversion or two.

Daily Cool Pics
by Pony about 2 years ago
Karla Diaz
by Pony about 2 years ago

Shoot Me Now


We can all conjure situation after situation in which the awkwardness was too much to take -- this site continues that sentiment.

So It Comes Down To This
by Katherine about 4 years ago
Photo Challenge: One
by Katherine about 4 years ago

Bajillion Hits


We weren't sure if this site was for real or not in its bid to improve traffic to any website. One thing's for sure -- the helmsman here is funny enough to attract droves.

Superficial Gallery


We write original content to make you laugh. We have more than 200,000 celebrity pics. We also run contests and giveaways so keep coming back. News, Interviews, Reviews, Candy. We have it all. Except candy.

Man Candy Monday – Matthew Fox
by Cider over 3 years ago
Nicole is in the Finals of The Next Food Network Star – GAH!
by Acadia Einstein over 3 years ago



Humorous blog written by a middle aged woman about her perspectives on everyday life.

Epic Fail is Epic


A compilation of funny photo, funny jokes, fail pictures, Facebook fail, tattoo fail, funny jokes, funny photo, pic joke, fail blog and many more.

Society for Dainty Damsels


Follow the exploits of two self proclaimed middle aged etiquette experts. Auntie Carol and Lady Lynda. Auntie Carol 's spouse is a hermaphrodite and Lady Lynda's husband is Seymour Toze. With sensual The Black Orchid and lusty, earthy Wanda Lust and others.

Same results as Google but better formatted.
by Carol Bond about 4 years ago
by Carol Bond about 4 years ago

Funny Foreign Movie Posters


Hilarious, baffling, outrageous, and downright weird movie posters from all over the world.

BS Gossip


BS Gossip is a satirical news site that focuses on celebrity and entertainment stories.