Rocker Dad


This part-time musician claims stay-at-home parenting as his dayjob. Fathers who tend to kids full time as well can look here for empathy and advice on doing it right.

When is it time? Playing out vs. staying home
by Rich Antonelli over 4 years ago

Stay at Home Dad PDX


Portland-based papas who are raising the kids while mom wins the bread gather here to commune. They lend posts that document the quirky exploits of their children.

Testing the driver as much as the drive
by Portlanddad over 2 years ago
The Bronze Birthday
by Portlanddad over 2 years ago

Musings from the Big Pink


This dad, who has chosen the career of homemaker, uses this blog to vent and release. Colorful tales, like his cat puking up cable boxes, abound here.

Friday Night Man
by Homemaker Man almost 3 years ago
by Homemaker Man almost 4 years ago

A Man Among Mommies


Blogger Todd did not expect to feel so isolated as a stay-at-home father. His blog is a way for him to establish a parent community and become a work-at-home dad.

Dads Who Mock the World


Two stay-at-home dads, one professional and the other not so much, join forces to discuss their parenting styles. Nearly every post is furnished with telling photos.

Nuclear Family Warhead


A pair of stay-at-home dads who live near each other discuss the reality of parenting as occasional warfare. Readers can learn the art of choosing their battles here.

Advice to the New Man


This is a website not only geared towards stay-at-home-dads, but dealing in particular with a wife that is an MD resident, and her grueling and sometimes crazy schedule.

Stay At Home Brad


Photos, stories, reviews and much much more. Step right up and see it all happen right before your eyes, folks. A baby growing up, a dad learning how to be a dad in the process. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hurl.

Brotherly and Sisterly Love
by brad almost 3 years ago
You Need To Follow This Instagram Account
by brad about 3 years ago

Being Dad


Being Dad is about me, and my daughter. The stuff that happen to first time dads, funny, scary and just things mum shouldn't know about...

The Rock Father


The Rock Father is a music-centric Daddy Blog and Website geared toward parents, kids, and caregivers that rock! Bending the rules to operate outside of the traditional realm, The Rock Father presents both content for the family - and for grownups, all easily organized throughout the site. The Rock Father offers music news and reviews, along with a robust Gardening Blog, and coverage of cool toys, games, events, and adventures. The entire affair is wrapped within the personal experience and daily musings of James Zahn - a work-from-home Dad that has juggled jobs throughout the entertainment industry in various creative disciplines.

Oscar-Winning THE REVENANT is coming home...
by no-reply@therockfather.com (James Zahn) over 2 years ago
Illinois/Wisconsin Friends: Win a ZOOTOPIA 4DX Prize Pack!
by no-reply@therockfather.com (James Zahn) over 2 years ago

Daily Destructo


The chronicles of daily life with my kids, and all the little twists that parenthood throws at you. When shaving becomes an afterthought, PB&J is considered a food group, and spending the day in your boxers doesn't seem like such a bad idea.

Daily Destructo


The chronicles of daily life with my kids, and all the little twists that parenthood throws at you. When shaving becomes an afterthought, PB&J is considered a food group, and spending the day in your boxers doesn't seem like such a bad idea.

The Dad Life


A nice spoonful of truthiness about the life of a Stay-at-Home-Dad.



Stay at home dad that chose family over a Law Enforcement career, I have a lot to say and I tell it like it is. Nothing is off the table with me. To read more you can visit the about me page at http://www.mcgoobersons.com/p/about.html

Lawson's Sheepskins $100 GC Giveaway
by Daddy Goob over 4 years ago

Stay At Home Dad


Our mission is to provide an environment rich with knowledge gained from both triumph and defeat, a public forum for questions and information that any new “Stay At Home” parent may need. Our stories are real, the advice is free, and the ride never stops.

Dad N Charge


This blog is a guy's perspective on staying home and raising the kids. Find out why staying home drives me crazy but it's the greatest job I have ever had.

The Ice Cream Man
by Chris Bernholdt about 4 years ago
by Chris Bernholdt about 4 years ago

A Cosmic Paladin Journeys On


Christian. Husband. Father. Audiophile. Geek. Sad Sack. Perpetual Student. An insignificant speck in the midst of the Grand Scheme. This blog covers Geekdom, books, comics, music, my attempts at writing and all points extra dimensional. Stay at home dad to my two homeschooled sons and, apparently, a "heretic" of sorts.

Hiatus - a pause or gap in a sequence, series or process
by Jonathan over 2 years ago
Of #Hashtags and #Tweets: Twitter and giving up on Social Media
by Jonathan over 2 years ago

Hubby at Home


MACHO: Man and Children Hanging out. Dan is a Cambridge New Zealand based, Hubby at home with 2 boys. Wifey is a globe trotting HR Director. A DIY novice, keen on fitness, getting better at the baking/cooking stuff, sucks at cleaning so I outsource that sh!t. I like to dabble in creative things. A MACHO view from behind enemy lines. Observations from little old New Zealand

Bryan Hill's Blog


About Me: I am a Fan/Follower of Christ, a Husband, a Father, a Brother, a Son, a Fisherman, a Camper, a Blogger, a Technology Nut, and a DIY warrior. About My Blog: As the title states, is a blog of sorts. It serves as a journal of my life, as I am a fan and sometimes, a follower of Christ, as I attempt to be a better husband, father, brother and son, as I enjoy camping, fishing, singing and blogging, and as I share my infatuation with technology. Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy!

TBT - Throw Back Thursday
by noreply@blogger.com (Bryan Hill) over 2 years ago
Product Review - Insignia Sound Bar
by noreply@blogger.com (Bryan Hill) over 2 years ago