How To Be A Dad


How to Be a Dad is one of those ultimately unanswerable questions in life, like how to fall in love or how to mend a broken heart. Bloggers Charlie and Andy understand that excellent parenting is partly learned in the doing of it. The pair doesn't shy away from delving into their personae of expertise, but also make it clear that fatherhood is not a career they have yet been able to solve. Current dads, fathers to be, and even a few moms will love engaging in their charming ruminations on the art of being a pop.

Video of Kids Saying the Darndest* Things (*Harshest)
by Andy over 2 years ago
7 Dads Share Their Movie Inheritance
by Charlie over 2 years ago

Dorky Dad


Now that he's fully owned up to his "dorkitude," this blogger has seen his fathering skills skyrocket. Dads afraid of nerdiness can look here for advice on letting father freak flags fly.

Black Dad Connection


This blog focuses on the African American fatherhood experience. Yet fathers of all colors and backgrounds are sure to pick up bountiful tips on raising great kids here.

Dad Revolution


A cohort of great fathers contribute their hard-won parenting expertise here. Imparting passion to kids and handling their burgeoning sexuality are common topics.

Daddy Dazed


This blog specializes in priming brand new fathers for the expectations and wonders that await them. This blogger, at age 40, used IVF to win his new baby after a long struggle. It also tries to see the funny side of parneting.

Vacuum Ponytail by Dad
by over 4 years ago
Rush / Grand Prix competition
by over 4 years ago

DC Urban Dad


A father located near the nation's capitol gets patriotic about raising children here. He also provides sterling, must-read advice for new fathers throughout.

Checkin' The Male


I designed this blog to share my experiences with family, fatherhood and life, from the perspective of a dad. The intent is to share my experiences and hopefully have those experiences teach other people a little about parenting, as others have done for me.



There are millions of dads out there, which type of dad are you? We want to connect with ALL of them. To trade info, advice, tips and insights.

Pervasive Parenting


Pervasive Parenting is a weekly column I have started writing for the local newspaper. I hope that the issues that I discuss will help parents, and anyone else interested, understand autism better. I have created this group to share my column online (after it has run in the paper). The hope is to get some feedback to help make the column better. I also help to spread awareness of autism.

HB 2962, Autism Insurance
by kodeytoney over 2 years ago
The Way You Do The Things You Do
by kodeytoney over 2 years ago

Ordinary Parent


OrdinaryParent.com is a blog devoted to the journey of parenthood. I started the site after a couple of months of blogging about my life and decided to make parenting the sole focus of this new site. I wanted to offer my thoughts, opinions, and stories of parenthood that may help other parents, or expectant parents, along their journey.

Toddler Reads Along to “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”
by Jason Ross over 4 years ago
Halloween With a Nut Allergy
by Lauren Ross over 4 years ago

Simple Father


This site is dedicated to documenting the challenges and decisions facing parents. Simple Father tries to break down the complex humans known as children in order to better understand them... often using humour to accomplish this goal.

You Are Not Alone
by scott over 3 years ago
Time, Why You Punish Me?
by scott over 3 years ago

As They Sprout


As They Sprout is a simple blog about being a dad. It's my take on life and raising children.

The Melbourne Dad


The Melbourne Dad - Your source for light entertainment and the occasional tidbit of useful information – musings on life as a Dad, places in Melbourne, the wacky world of marketing and IP, and other cool stuff!



On this site Dads will get thoughts on marriage and parenting. The goal is to help men become great husbands and fathers.

Advocare: Why?
by admin almost 4 years ago
Parents are you Missing the Moment?
by admin over 4 years ago

Raising Supaman


The Raising Supaman Project formerly known as Raising Supaman is a blog dedicated to that’s right you guessed it raising super children. In the case of The Raising Supaman Project, the lessons and topics covered are relevant and valuable no matter your age or gender. Whether you are a child, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, educator or guardian it doesn’t matter there is something here for you. So even if you aren’t a parent, don’t you dare leave, you are absolutely welcome here. The fact of the matter is that we are all somebody’s child so that means you have come to the right place and The Raising Supaman Project is for you.

Hot Air Balloon – A Metaphor For Life
by Nathaniel Turner over 2 years ago
How Much Is Your Child’s Brand Worth?
by Nathaniel Turner over 2 years ago



FromaDaddy is all about real hands-on and practical childcare hints and tips for Dads. It's none of the fluffy stuff – just raw gritty advice from a real Dad.

See That, Dad?


SeeThatDad.com is the product of one dad's passion for family and a desire to pay it forward. It features insights for husbands and dads that are practical and realistic.

The One Thing That Every Parent Needs To Know
by Eric Lopez over 4 years ago
Raising Kids Is More About How We Live Than What We Say
by Eric Lopez over 4 years ago

Children's Success Foundation


As a parent of a grown daughter and a psychotherapist whose unique approach to child/family therapy has been credited with "curing ADHD," Howard Glasser is well-equipped to give advice to dads of all kinds. His radical take on fathering is about cultivating the inherent greatness in every child -- and, in the process, cultivating that greatness in ourselves.

Fathers, Work and Family


Fathers, Work and Family is a blog dedicated to helping fathers better balance work and family demands and to encouraging more supportive workplaces by sharing personal stories and advice for dads, highlighting company best practices, translating academic research and commenting on current events relating to work-family. Scott Behson, who runs the blog, is an Associate Professor of Management at Fairleigh Dickinson University, a busy involved dad, and an overall grateful guy. Contact him on twitter @ScottBehson