Guy Dads


This blog concentrates on a pair of San Francisco gay fathers who are rearing their six children in the Jewish faith. The very idea of two married men parenting would cause widespread criticism and still catches flak today. Despite the world's naysayers, this pair continues to shine in their terrific parenting style, hallmarked by an ability to get away from the kids and focus on social activism when needed. Anyone who can't fathom two dads doing good will be blown away here.

Beginning My Third Year of Chemotherapy
by GuyDads over 2 years ago
Elvis, Nixon and Ed
by GuyDads over 2 years ago



A gay father raising kids in the Big Apple provides insightful opinions on adoption procedures and parenting tips. He also spoils regular readers with great giveaways.

Giveaway – Amazon’s Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote!
by Mitch over 2 years ago
PAW Patrol: Brave Heroes, Big Rescues DVD Giveaway!
by Mitch over 2 years ago

Daddy, Papa and Me (we)


Two gay fathers serve as doting parents to Emma in San Francisco. Here, they discuss the nature of the adoption process and dealing with their civil rights.

Does This Stroller Make Me Look Gay?


This blog started off as a diary of my research on how my husband and I were going to become parents. Since the beginning, we have become licensed foster parents(as an avenue to eventual adoption), and have actually gone thru the process of a private adoption(which was finalized this January). I'm looking forward to continuing to write the story of my family as it grows and changes.

Dad Loves Daddy


Our blog is about Daddy (A.J.) and Dad (my husband, Daniel)'s on-going adventures with work, marriage, raising children, and life in general! Dad and Daddy have been together for 10 years (married for 3), have two boys, and live in Des Moines, Iowa.

Goodbye… for now!
by A.J. over 3 years ago
And the Elves brought friends…
by A.J. over 3 years ago



Two guys in Connecticut adopted a kid and this is what happened.

The Junior Project


Navigating the journey of two Brooklyn foragers of urban treats from childless abandon to daddyhood.

How to be a Gay Dad


One gay dad charting the journal of his life as a father

Mommy Man


I'm a stay-home gay dad to 3-year-old twins. No, we didn't breastfeed. I write about dadscrimination, World War Pee and my fear that my kids will turn out to be a**holes. I also blog for Lifetime Moms. Shhh, don't tell them I'm a dude!

Designer Daddy


Self-employed graphic designer with almost 20 years experience. Gay co-father with just over 3 years experience. Sometimes the two overlap, sometimes they butt heads.

Fridge Wisdom: Five More States Allow Same-Sex Marriage
by Brent Almond almost 4 years ago
Six Silly/Spooky Candy Corn Crafts
by Brent Almond almost 4 years ago



I'm a stay-at-home gay dad with twins. In my free time I like to clean, cook and do laundry.

Ryan and Jeremy: Our Adoption Journey


Hi Friends! We are Ryan and Jeremy, and this site is a journal chronicling our journey as we adopt our second kiddo. We have an almost-three-year-old son, whom we lovingly refer to as Dare Devil. He is pretty much the best thing ever and is a baby genius (we’re convinced he’s already cured cancer in his head – he’s just too busy to tell us right now).