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Respected journalist dad Paul Nyhan now covers the topics closest to his heart: family and early education. A Dad to two young children himself, he offers early learning news and other interesting related commentary

Roundup: New Vision for Early Ed in the Digital World, Autism Diagnoses Rise & Social Impact Bonds
by Paul Nyhan over 4 years ago
Great News! Congress Extends Funding for Home Visiting
by Sam Whiting over 4 years ago

The Gizzard Stone


The Gizzard Stone is a Directory of cool things to show your kid. Both on the web and in the real world, the mission of The Gizzard Stone is to catalog, categorize and tag things that will be awesome to share with our kids and things that will enhance the time we spend with our families.

Lagomarsino Petroglyph Overland Excursion
by Wolfy over 2 years ago
Centriphone: Amazing Super Slow Mo Skiing Video from Swinging iPhone
by Wolfy over 2 years ago

Smartest Dad


Smartest Dad looks to provide simple answers to any questions kids might ask their father. Sharing knowledge and bits of info from around the web.

Junior Bookshelf


One dad's journey through fatherhood, as told through books