Dad of Divas


This blog shows a father who's attempting to recapture the reigns of his realms, long since lost to his two girls. Other dads owned by their daughters can relate here.

Building A Better Mousetrap With @HasbroGameNight
by Christopher Lewis about 4 years ago
Day Out with Thomas Coming to Greenfield Village
by Christopher Lewis about 4 years ago

Dads and Daughters


Blogger Joe concentrates his blog here on the special relationship enjoyed between fathers and their dear daughters. Stepfathers are also closely included in the conversation.

New England Father


Sharing reflections and giving "my take" on parenting and other life's issues from the perspective of a Hispanic Father, New Englander, News/Sports/Politics Junkie

A New Year
by newenglandfather over 4 years ago
The Comeback-Life’s Lessons
by newenglandfather over 4 years ago

Norwegian Dad Blog


I'm a 27 year old Norwegian writing a daddy blog starring my two nutty daughters and me as a laid-back father.

Rabbit in Bag


The ups, downs, ambulances, collapsed ceilings, laughs and loves of a dad with two autistic daughters.

Sleepless In Newcastle


I blog about being a disabled stay at home dad who has 3 daughters. My youngest daughter has an undiagnosed genetic condition and I talk about the challenges we face trying to overcome both of our disabilities and still live a 'normal' life.

Mile High Dad


Blogging about raising daughters in urban Denver, Colorado. In my other job I'm an Associate Pastor at Mountair Christian Church.

Adventures in Loving Our City
by joelnewton almost 3 years ago
36 and Counting
by joelnewton almost 3 years ago

Unstable Cradle


Originally abtruse & Abtrusely original! When my mom left my dad, he left at the same time! I am the product of a single parent home! A blog dedicated to single parent homes, particularly homes with absent fathers. I grew up in a single parent home, I knew who my father was; but when my mom left him, he left me at the same time! In this day and age fatherless home are an epidemic, so much so nobody even seems to acknowledge it anymore. I recently ran a search and a majority of the responses on this topic came from the single parents point of view, but what about the child; but I am now the voice of the child!!!!

A Life in Awe


This blog is a chronicle of things that bring awe to my life. Included are my adventures and travels, but most of it revolves around my little girl, born in January 2012, who never ceases to amaze me.

Big Daddy Blogger


Adventures in Late-Bloomer Fatherhood. Over-40, overjoyed, and in over my head.

Drawings For Jade


Spontaneous Squiggles, Doodles and Smiles for My Daughter

A Toolbox For Dad


Parenthood from a Dads View; A Blog for Dads; Dads helping Dads, Learning from ours, Sharing with others.