Rabbit in Bag


The ups, downs, ambulances, collapsed ceilings, laughs and loves of a dad with two autistic daughters.

Sleepless In Newcastle


I blog about being a disabled stay at home dad who has 3 daughters. My youngest daughter has an undiagnosed genetic condition and I talk about the challenges we face trying to overcome both of our disabilities and still live a 'normal' life.

Dad Etc


The role of father today is completely different to that which our fathers and grandfathers played. In this blog, I try to reflect the challenge of combining the roles of father/ husband and employee alongside celebrating the joys of fatherhood and family life.

Confessions of a Down Syndrome Daddy


Confessions of a Down Syndrome Daddy, a blog to write down the trials, tribulations, and joys of being a father of a daughter who has Down Syndrome. Caroline Josephine Fitch, born July 17, 2008 is my lovely daughter. She goes by Carly, CJ, Carly Joe, Miss Caroline, Carlykins, or any other cute nickname that fits at the moment. She is an amazing little girl and I look forward to letting you into her life and mine as well

Dad N Charge


This blog is a guy's perspective on staying home and raising the kids. Find out why staying home drives me crazy but it's the greatest job I have ever had.

The Ice Cream Man
by Chris Bernholdt about 4 years ago
by Chris Bernholdt about 4 years ago

Planting Pennies


My wife and I love to travel, so we packed up our two year-old boy and moved to South Korea. My blog has lots of pictures and stories of travel, new cafes and restaurants, making friends and little adventures. Me and my boy collect Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Siku and Tomica, so I post pictures of cars too!

Burton Family Jewels: Observations on Modern Black Fatherhood


BFJ is a a nice blend of philosophical insight, humor and banality. My mission is to share unique and insightful narratives about marriage, manhood, race, class, family, & fatherhood.

Stephen Says


A former sports writer for HOOPSWORLD.com and SLAMOnline.com, but I have recently made the decision to move on to the next chapter of my life. Now, I am moving on to bigger and better things. Namely, I have decided to start living my own life, rather than documenting the lives of others. A father of two, I began this blog to write about what I want, when I want without deadlines, politic or hassle. Always looking to connect with people, I will write about whatever tickles my fancy. I’ll give my thoughts on music, movies, parenting, interesting quotes or events that moved me and, I’m sure the old sports writing will creep back in from time-to-time. However, if you are here thinking this will only be a place to discuss sports, you are incorrect. Making the decision I have to move on to a new chapter in my life, I will no longer have the inside connections I once had and will not attempt to break news. It is time to find the true joys in my life and this blog is the beginning. It is a scary and exciting time, as I am moving away from what has been a huge portion of my adult life. Now that I will have more free time than I have been accustomed to in years, there is no telling where this journey may go. Join me, won’t you?

An Amazing Reminder
by stephenlitel over 2 years ago
Life’s Reboot Begins
by stephenlitel over 2 years ago

Random Pearls of Wisdom


Forty something father of two, one with aspergers shares trials and tribulations of family life

Party Season
by Random Pearls Of Wisdom over 3 years ago

I Made a Person


I just made a person! At least I think I did. I'll keep you posted.

Dads Being Dads


Dads Being Dads is about breaking the stereotype of "Dads" and showing that there are Dads out there that cook, clean, educate, and participate, and truly cherish spending all their time with their children.

Winter Vomiting Bug: Weekly Podcast #14
by Dads Being Dads over 4 years ago
Demonstrating Healthy Living Around Your Kids
by Guest Post over 4 years ago

The Gizzard Stone


The Gizzard Stone is a Directory of cool things to show your kid. Both on the web and in the real world, the mission of The Gizzard Stone is to catalog, categorize and tag things that will be awesome to share with our kids and things that will enhance the time we spend with our families.

Lagomarsino Petroglyph Overland Excursion
by Wolfy over 2 years ago
Centriphone: Amazing Super Slow Mo Skiing Video from Swinging iPhone
by Wolfy over 2 years ago

Let's Dad!


Hey m*therf*ckers, Mum's gone out…so let's Dad! I’m a part-time Dad. Not in a ‘she caught me knocking one out to Homes Under The Hammer and now I’m back at my parent’s place for a few days’ way. Just one who happily admits that I’m not in the running for ‘Primary Care Giver’. Oh, but when I do give care…man I can Dad. I’m f*cking amazing at peek-a-boo. I can manoeuvre the buggy round an extruding tree-root on a narrow pavement at speed, without my passenger falling out. I can make an array of weather/transport/animal noises. Yep…I can Dad. Just not as well as my wife can mum. Anyhow, the point of this blog is to have some fun, review some baby-gear and generally discuss the Joy of Dadding. Nothing too earnest and none of that ‘Er, I’m such a twat, I can’t even change a nappy’ bullsh*t either. I can change a nappy. It’s easy. My daughter (let’s call her B for the sake of her privacy) is just over a year old, so as well as posting new stuff I’m going to post some old bits and bobs that I wrote down when it happened. Like when she used to fire sh*t at me or when she started calling me Des. My name isn’t Des. Anyhow, do stick around, comment, do whatever else people do on these blogs…and if there’s anything you like, let me know… Let’s Dad!

Sweet Bourbon Dad


Well-written, entertaining parenting blog from Sweet Bourbon Dad. A taste of life from a parent of a toddler and infant.

Arms Wide Open


A site by a father and husband. Random thoughts on parenting, marriage, faith and life. I express my failures in each area a often as my success.

Review “Holy Ghost”
by aaron almost 4 years ago
by aaron almost 4 years ago

Husband Hunter Dad


40yo bachelor turned (step)father of 8. My experiences and ponderings