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American Greetings’ “World’s Toughest Job” Treats Moms Like Bitter Employees
by Zach Rosenberg about 4 years ago
‘Get Your Ass Back to Work’ & Forget Paternity Leave, Say Sports Radio Hosts Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason to Mets’ Daniel Murphy
by Zach Rosenberg about 4 years ago

Daily Destructo


The chronicles of daily life with my kids, and all the little twists that parenthood throws at you. When shaving becomes an afterthought, PB&J is considered a food group, and spending the day in your boxers doesn't seem like such a bad idea.

Ovum to Ashes


Sometimes funny, occasionally touching and often quirky – a heartfelt and honest journal from a new father as he reluctantly prepares to yield to the next generation.

Sometimes it's what isn't there
by Darren Brown about 4 years ago
Idea: Special light to reflect the eyes of wildlife
by Darren Brown over 4 years ago

The Dad Life


A nice spoonful of truthiness about the life of a Stay-at-Home-Dad.



Stay at home dad that chose family over a Law Enforcement career, I have a lot to say and I tell it like it is. Nothing is off the table with me. To read more you can visit the about me page at http://www.mcgoobersons.com/p/about.html

Lawson's Sheepskins $100 GC Giveaway
by Daddy Goob over 4 years ago

Stay At Home Dad


Our mission is to provide an environment rich with knowledge gained from both triumph and defeat, a public forum for questions and information that any new “Stay At Home” parent may need. Our stories are real, the advice is free, and the ride never stops.

Simple Father


This site is dedicated to documenting the challenges and decisions facing parents. Simple Father tries to break down the complex humans known as children in order to better understand them... often using humour to accomplish this goal.

You Are Not Alone
by scott over 3 years ago
Time, Why You Punish Me?
by scott over 3 years ago

DaDa Rocks


DaDa Rocks! is a dad blog that talks about parenthood from a fathers view, marriage, products for children, a view point on news & sports, and a discount code or giveaway or raffle from time to time.

Selling your phone on eBay to get the new one #SellMyPhone #spon
by DaDa Rocks! about 4 years ago
Kidfresh Frozen dinners while enjoying Disney’s Frozen movie #FrozenKidfresh
by DaDa Rocks! about 4 years ago

Aspie Dad


I have Aspergers, an N.T. wife, and two N.T. daughters. What's next?

Dear Mr. Man


Dear Mr. Man is a collection of observations of my three kids (Bae, The Boy, & Oz) as they grow up trying to convince their parents that they are smarter and bettr looking than us. Besides parenting, I offer my take on everthing from sports to pop culture to politics. I would like this blog to be “reader driven”. That is to say, I would be happiest if you, the reader, were to ask questions and I attempt to answer them. Then we would begin a dialogue (I don’t think people talk enough anyway). No topic is taboo. I will be glad to offer my take on it. You may not agree, but it will be my opinion. Everyone is entitled to one.

Letter To Santa #dreambig
by P.J. Easter over 3 years ago
by P.J. Easter over 3 years ago

The Dadconteur


A sleep-deprived raconteur's musings about life and the misadventures of raising two boys. Come for the funny, stay for the poignancy.

Barkhad Abdi May be Broke, But...
by Andy Goldstein over 4 years ago
The Persistence of Memory
by Andy Goldstein over 4 years ago

The Junior Project


Navigating the journey of two Brooklyn foragers of urban treats from childless abandon to daddyhood.



Welcome to the amusing journey of a first time daddy in all its glory. Fatherhood is full of comedy and this blog is created to celebrate parenthood through the lens of a thirty year old daddy noob. Let laughter unite us as I learn the ways of becoming a "faja."

The Life of a Father of Five


The tales from the life of a chronicly tired Father of five who lives in a high stress household, works a high stress career, and copes with daily struggles of guilty feelings for not having the time he would like to spend with his family.

The Project – Part One
by The Father of Five almost 4 years ago
Father's Day Fun!
by The Father of Five about 4 years ago

The Fresh Father


The Fresh Father is a website that documents the lives of new dads and their families. Through real-life stories, reviews of baby products and attempts at humor, we let new fathers across the country know what they're in for.



A blog about Life Tips on Blogging, Parenting, Relationship, Motivation, Travel and more

New England Father


Sharing reflections and giving "my take" on parenting and other life's issues from the perspective of a Hispanic Father, New Englander, News/Sports/Politics Junkie

A New Year
by newenglandfather over 4 years ago
The Comeback-Life’s Lessons
by newenglandfather over 4 years ago

Dad in Action


Dads make THE difference and most of us didn't have them. Dad In Action encourages men to lead their family intentionally and to die laughing in the process.

Norwegian Dad Blog


I'm a 27 year old Norwegian writing a daddy blog starring my two nutty daughters and me as a laid-back father.