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Pervasive Parenting


Pervasive Parenting is a weekly column I have started writing for the local newspaper. I hope that the issues that I discuss will help parents, and anyone else interested, understand autism better. I have created this group to share my column online (after it has run in the paper). The hope is to get some feedback to help make the column better. I also help to spread awareness of autism.

HB 2962, Autism Insurance
by kodeytoney over 2 years ago
The Way You Do The Things You Do
by kodeytoney over 2 years ago

Dad's Cooking Tonight


A lifestyle blog from a dad's perspective, more often than not viewed from the kitchen. Has a view other ramblings about cars, history and a lot about food thrown in.

Stay At Home Brad


Photos, stories, reviews and much much more. Step right up and see it all happen right before your eyes, folks. A baby growing up, a dad learning how to be a dad in the process. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hurl.

Brotherly and Sisterly Love
by brad almost 3 years ago
You Need To Follow This Instagram Account
by brad almost 3 years ago

The JackB


TheJackB is one of the original dad blogs. It contains more than 8 years of tales that may or may not be true about life as a father. Jump in and see how one man deals with questions about death, dating, sex, life, love, technology and much more.

Some Writers Ignore The Oscars
by Jack Steiner over 2 years ago
You Can’t Fear Failure
by Jack Steiner over 2 years ago

Souvenirs of Fatherhood


Reflecting on what it means to be a dad, and remembering the moments I want to keep forever. I have a daughter (who has hearing loss) a son and we're in the process of adopting.

Parenting: Is it Hard or is it Heaven?
by @AnOrdinaryDad over 2 years ago
Everything New
by @AnOrdinaryDad over 2 years ago

Divorced Dad Chronicles


The ramblings of a divorced dad trying to maintain sanity in the midst of juggling a career and personal life while continuing to foster a healthy long distance relationship with a preteen son.

I’m Moving On
by Stan over 4 years ago

Where are your pants?


Mild-mannered desk jockey by day - crazy-voice-maker-upper and Hot Wheels tutor by night. Where are your pants? features (what some say are) humorous and insightful posts about my experiences raising our daughter, along with project ideas and write-ups and a little bit of (sometimes not terrible) advice.

Dad Loves Daddy


Our blog is about Daddy (A.J.) and Dad (my husband, Daniel)'s on-going adventures with work, marriage, raising children, and life in general! Dad and Daddy have been together for 10 years (married for 3), have two boys, and live in Des Moines, Iowa.

Goodbye… for now!
by A.J. over 3 years ago
And the Elves brought friends…
by A.J. over 3 years ago

Being Dad


Being Dad is about me, and my daughter. The stuff that happen to first time dads, funny, scary and just things mum shouldn't know about...

Ordinary Parent


OrdinaryParent.com is a blog devoted to the journey of parenthood. I started the site after a couple of months of blogging about my life and decided to make parenting the sole focus of this new site. I wanted to offer my thoughts, opinions, and stories of parenthood that may help other parents, or expectant parents, along their journey.

Toddler Reads Along to “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”
by Jason Ross over 4 years ago
Halloween With a Nut Allergy
by Lauren Ross over 4 years ago

The Rock Father


The Rock Father is a music-centric Daddy Blog and Website geared toward parents, kids, and caregivers that rock! Bending the rules to operate outside of the traditional realm, The Rock Father presents both content for the family - and for grownups, all easily organized throughout the site. The Rock Father offers music news and reviews, along with a robust Gardening Blog, and coverage of cool toys, games, events, and adventures. The entire affair is wrapped within the personal experience and daily musings of James Zahn - a work-from-home Dad that has juggled jobs throughout the entertainment industry in various creative disciplines.

Oscar-Winning THE REVENANT is coming home...
by no-reply@therockfather.com (James Zahn) over 2 years ago
Illinois/Wisconsin Friends: Win a ZOOTOPIA 4DX Prize Pack!
by no-reply@therockfather.com (James Zahn) over 2 years ago



Two guys in Connecticut adopted a kid and this is what happened.

Daily Destructo


The chronicles of daily life with my kids, and all the little twists that parenthood throws at you. When shaving becomes an afterthought, PB&J is considered a food group, and spending the day in your boxers doesn't seem like such a bad idea.