Why Is Daddy Crying?


A redhead son and a princess-in-the-making daughter run the show in this blogger's household. The Chicago-based father also makes clear his stance against all Snuggies.



This father, a Big Brother Big Sister volunteer, understands that some confidence is need to rear kids right. His blog explores how being a dad can help him be a better man.

Discovering Dad


This blog grasps the truth that being a dad doesn't come naturally to virtually anyone. Those who think dads should be more like moms won't be satisfied with this site's content.

Virginia Surgery Malpractice Statute Of Limitations
by ryan about 3 years ago
10 Horrible Cases Of Medical Malpractice Journal
by ryan about 3 years ago

21st Century Dad


As a stepfather, blogger Elliot realized that 12-year-olds think of their home mostly as a laundry room. He enjoys excavating the complexities of parenting in the 2010s.

A Man Among Mommies


Blogger Todd did not expect to feel so isolated as a stay-at-home father. His blog is a way for him to establish a parent community and become a work-at-home dad.

Dad Revolution


A cohort of great fathers contribute their hard-won parenting expertise here. Imparting passion to kids and handling their burgeoning sexuality are common topics.

Daddy Dazed


This blog specializes in priming brand new fathers for the expectations and wonders that await them. This blogger, at age 40, used IVF to win his new baby after a long struggle. It also tries to see the funny side of parneting.

Vacuum Ponytail by Dad
by over 4 years ago
Rush / Grand Prix competition
by over 4 years ago

Daddy Dialectic


A fleet of fantastic fathers use their disparate opinions to joust about the nature and practice of being a dad. The collaborative style of these writers gives each post here great depth.

Letter to my son, five years gone
by Jeremy Adam Smith over 2 years ago

Daddy, Papa and Me (we)


Two gay fathers serve as doting parents to Emma in San Francisco. Here, they discuss the nature of the adoption process and dealing with their civil rights.

Dads Who Mock the World


Two stay-at-home dads, one professional and the other not so much, join forces to discuss their parenting styles. Nearly every post is furnished with telling photos.

Dads and Daughters


Blogger Joe concentrates his blog here on the special relationship enjoyed between fathers and their dear daughters. Stepfathers are also closely included in the conversation.

DC Urban Dad


A father located near the nation's capitol gets patriotic about raising children here. He also provides sterling, must-read advice for new fathers throughout.

Laid-Off Dad


The lack of a steady income somehow fails to extinguish this blogger's expertise at parenting. Similarly occupationally challenged pops can find support here.

Join me to ban "lean"
by Doug French over 4 years ago
Bracing for the big thaw
by Doug French over 4 years ago

Makes Me Wanna Holler


Blogger E. Payne reveals a sensitive ability to chronicle the nuanced demands of modern-day fatherhood here. He talks about being a stepdad and fighting the middle age spread.

The End Has Long Since Passed
by noreply@blogger.com (Eric Payne) about 3 years ago
Look at Me! Look at Me...The Ugly Side of Social
by noreply@blogger.com (Eric Payne) over 3 years ago

Nuclear Family Warhead


A pair of stay-at-home dads who live near each other discuss the reality of parenting as occasional warfare. Readers can learn the art of choosing their battles here.

Really, I'm as Old as I Feel?


This father struggles with kidney disease and feels about 10 years older because of it. Yet he continues to raise his only child Abby with grace and devotion.

Suburban Daddy


A dad living in Northern Virginia raises a quartet of kids in the heart of the suburbs here. He relishes comments and emails from those who reach out to him.

Zoo In The Winter
by suburbandaddy over 2 years ago
Hit The Brakes
by suburbandaddy over 3 years ago

To Be a Dad


This blog recognizes the sharp differences between fathering a child, and being a dad to one. Blogger Steve is a British first-time dad at the age of 45.

The Real Matt Daddy


This stay at home dad shares the good, the bad and the hilarious things that happen while raising his toddler.

Checkin' The Male


I designed this blog to share my experiences with family, fatherhood and life, from the perspective of a dad. The intent is to share my experiences and hopefully have those experiences teach other people a little about parenting, as others have done for me.

Advice to the New Man


This is a website not only geared towards stay-at-home-dads, but dealing in particular with a wife that is an MD resident, and her grueling and sometimes crazy schedule.

Does This Stroller Make Me Look Gay?


This blog started off as a diary of my research on how my husband and I were going to become parents. Since the beginning, we have become licensed foster parents(as an avenue to eventual adoption), and have actually gone thru the process of a private adoption(which was finalized this January). I'm looking forward to continuing to write the story of my family as it grows and changes.