Birth to Thrive Online


Respected journalist dad Paul Nyhan now covers the topics closest to his heart: family and early education. A Dad to two young children himself, he offers early learning news and other interesting related commentary

Roundup: New Vision for Early Ed in the Digital World, Autism Diagnoses Rise & Social Impact Bonds
by Paul Nyhan almost 2 years ago
Great News! Congress Extends Funding for Home Visiting
by Sam Whiting almost 2 years ago

Luke, I Am Your Father


Seattle-based blogger James has an overwhelmingly irresistible sense of humor. From the Star Wars-riffing title to the charming and quirky post titles, a love of laughter permeates the site just as much as James' adoration of son Luke. From Etch-a-Sketches to potty training, all facets of childrearing are delved into with gusto and warmth. It's not all giggles here, though; James also knows how to provide his readers with honest and thoughtful insights on the not-always-pretty reality of fatherhood.

Younger Self: May I Present what Old Really Is
by noreply@blogger.com (James (SeattleDad)) about 7 hours ago
The Big Squeeze
by noreply@blogger.com (James (SeattleDad)) 3 days ago

Mocha Dad


Unfortunately, fathers of the African-American community are too often stereotyped as incompetent deadbeats. Mocha Dad's sterling example helps to chip away at these rampant negativities and shows that Black fathers can be awesome. For one thing, he demonstrates overwhelming praise for his family, describing his wife as the Queen, his daughter as the princess, and one of his sons as the rapscallion who always gets his way. Each post conveys his strong parenting skills and devotion to his family.

NFL Dads Do Their Daughters’ Hair
by Frederick J. Goodall 4 days ago
Spreading Cheer to an Inspiring Young Lady
by Frederick J. Goodall about 1 month ago

Guy Dads


This blog concentrates on a pair of San Francisco gay fathers who are rearing their six children in the Jewish faith. The very idea of two married men parenting would cause widespread criticism and still catches flak today. Despite the world's naysayers, this pair continues to shine in their terrific parenting style, hallmarked by an ability to get away from the kids and focus on social activism when needed. Anyone who can't fathom two dads doing good will be blown away here.

Beginning My Third Year of Chemotherapy
by GuyDads 4 days ago
Elvis, Nixon and Ed
by GuyDads 30 days ago

How To Be A Dad


How to Be a Dad is one of those ultimately unanswerable questions in life, like how to fall in love or how to mend a broken heart. Bloggers Charlie and Andy understand that excellent parenting is partly learned in the doing of it. The pair doesn't shy away from delving into their personae of expertise, but also make it clear that fatherhood is not a career they have yet been able to solve. Current dads, fathers to be, and even a few moms will love engaging in their charming ruminations on the art of being a pop.

Parents Strap GoPro on Toddler’s Head For Hide n’ Seek
by Charlie 2 days ago
You Can Lead a Kid to a Meal… HAH! (3 Comics)
by Andy 3 days ago

Single Dad Laughing


Blogger Dan truly seems to be the dad we all wish we had. He goes on record stating that he'd flip the world over for son Noah if need be. His blog here has accrued quite a following for demonstrating Dan's palpable mastery of documenting the nuances, thrills, highs and lows of being a single father. Unlike most parenting blogs, which fixate a little too obsessively on childrearing, Dan isn't afraid to give equal focus to his own exploits and personality, which makes for an addicting and balanced blog page.

Reduced to Nothing But a Common Joker: Time to Humble My Kid
by Dan Pearce 3 days ago
9 Definite Signs You Might Be a Facebook Troll (Doll)
by Dan Pearce 4 days ago

Dorky Dad


Now that he's fully owned up to his "dorkitude," this blogger has seen his fathering skills skyrocket. Dads afraid of nerdiness can look here for advice on letting father freak flags fly.

Rocker Dad


This part-time musician claims stay-at-home parenting as his dayjob. Fathers who tend to kids full time as well can look here for empathy and advice on doing it right.

When is it time? Playing out vs. staying home
by Rich Antonelli almost 2 years ago



A gay father raising kids in the Big Apple provides insightful opinions on adoption procedures and parenting tips. He also spoils regular readers with great giveaways.

#Giveaways Ending Tomorrow Evening! And New Ones Posted!
by Mitch 1 day ago
Celebrate Lunar New Year in #NYC! #Chinatown
by Mitch 2 days ago

Daddy Mojo


Daddy Mojo is a parenting site on family, life and poop culture. Most of the content is produced by Trey Burley, a stay at home dad to two growing boys.

The Superbowl Sunday Collectors Con in Atlanta, Feb 7
by Daddy Mojo about 23 hours ago
New all age comics for February 3, 2016
by Daddy Mojo 4 days ago

matt, liz, and madeline


Matt and Madeline lost respectively their wife and mother Liz to a horrible childbirth accident. This blog conveys Matt's grief yet growth through Maddy's joy and smiles.

santa and christmas and death.
by matt about 2 years ago
learning to write is fun.
by matt over 2 years ago

Stay at Home Dad PDX


Portland-based papas who are raising the kids while mom wins the bread gather here to commune. They lend posts that document the quirky exploits of their children.

A Weekend Away
by Portlanddad 3 months ago
Making good decisions by hook or crook
by Portlanddad 3 months ago

Savvy Daddy


A quartet of passionate fathers get together here to talk about how complex fatherhood can be sometimes. Libraries, money, and dentists are new topic points.

Musings from the Big Pink


This dad, who has chosen the career of homemaker, uses this blog to vent and release. Colorful tales, like his cat puking up cable boxes, abound here.

Friday Night Man
by Homemaker Man 4 months ago
by Homemaker Man over 1 year ago

Dad of Divas


This blog shows a father who's attempting to recapture the reigns of his realms, long since lost to his two girls. Other dads owned by their daughters can relate here.

Building A Better Mousetrap With @HasbroGameNight
by Christopher Lewis almost 2 years ago
Day Out with Thomas Coming to Greenfield Village
by Christopher Lewis almost 2 years ago

Black Dad Connection


This blog focuses on the African American fatherhood experience. Yet fathers of all colors and backgrounds are sure to pick up bountiful tips on raising great kids here.

Big Piece of Chicken


This investment advisor clearly places more stock into his beloved family than anywhere else. He blogs about the challenges of childrearing amid divorce struggles.

NYC Dads Group


New York City, a challenging town in any right, seems like a father's paradise when seen through this blog. Gotham papas find great ideas on kid-friendly activities here.

NYC Fun for Kids: Winter Carnival, Year of the Monkey Fest, Native American Culture
by City Dads Group 2 days ago
The Working Parent’s Burden
by Mike Julianelle 6 days ago

The Muskrat


This blogger's pseudonym comes from what his wife would say to him when something inappropriate hurled from his mouth. A sense of this catchy humor teems here.

what i’ve learned in my 20-year relationship with tequila
by muskrat over 1 year ago
mardi gras 2014
by muskrat almost 2 years ago

A Dad's Heart


This blog talks about the benefits of being an involved father for the involved father himself. Cameron shows how that commitment to kids has great ramifications everywhere.

Random Acts of Parenting


This blog espouses the philosophy of parenting children, not smothering them. The Naughty Chair category discusses great ideas of handling kids' tantrums and fits.

Playground Dad


This blog laments the fact that most dads spend only six hours with their children weekly. Yet it teaches dads who can't spend more time how to make those hours exceptional.

5 Unique Valentine’s Ideas for the Wifey
by Mike Johnson 17 days ago
All Natural Toothpaste Your Kids Will Love
by Playground Dad Staff 23 days ago

Natural Papa


Homebirth, manliness, and simple living are the evergreen topics of this site. Blogger Derek loves peanut butter on everything and organic gardening.

Bad Breath Causes, Consequences, & Remedies
by Guest Author 1 day ago
How to Decorate a Tiny House
by Guest Author 4 days ago

DIY Father


From pregnancy through to the teenage years, this blog covers dad skills across the spectrum. Learn about kid events, disaster preparedness, and much more here.