Alaska Bike Girl


The author of the definitive book on biking in Anchorage brings you an adventure-filled blog about not just Alaska, but the lower 48 as well. The author’s adventurous spirit is evident in each of her posts, whether she’s sharing a story from a bike ride or a trek through a museum.

gear check
by bikegirl about 4 years ago
knik glacier: a tale of two trips
by bikegirl about 4 years ago

Carfree with Kids


These two professors have lived without a vehicle for over five years, proving that families can be as car-free as singles. Like losing weight, biking can be one of those New Year’s resolutions that’s short lived. This blog gives an honest perspective on the car-free life for those who are considering it and encourages those who are already in the club.

Guest Cargo Bike Reviews from a Four-Kid Family, Part 2: Xtracycle Edgerunner
by nathan about 4 years ago
Guest Cargo Bike Reviews from a Four-Kid Family, Part 1: Madsen
by nathan about 4 years ago

Cycling Lifestyle


Fixies, tall bikes, road bikes, whatever. This blogger loves them all, and gets outside to ride as often as possible. This blog emanates adrenaline. The writer obviously isn’t into half measures, and he pours his heart into biking, even when it means near-drowning in mud puddles.

by Brian Pottorff over 4 years ago
by Brian Pottorff over 4 years ago

Bicycle Picture of the Day


Not all cycling requires fancy gear and skin-tight spandex. This blog is dedicated to the simplicity of cycling, by capturing one great image of a classic bike each day. There’s a nostalgic feel to this blog. For readers who more likely to admire bikes from a distance than ride them, this blog will be a great fit.

1931 - 1940 Elgin Air Flow
by Menotomy Vintage Bicycles over 2 years ago
1931 - 1940 Schwinn Henderson
by Menotomy Vintage Bicycles over 2 years ago

Change Your Life. Ride a Bike.


This blog is dedicated to a grand mission: to promote the small shifts in perspective that can come from riding a bike, whether it’s meeting a neighbor for the first time, or falling in love with the feeling of wind in your hair.

arthursday 1/2016
by MELI. over 2 years ago
arthursday: hola MART
by m e l i g r o s a almost 4 years ago

Guitar Ted Productions


This blogger is passionate about two things: bikes and guitars. Most of these posts focus on the former, with detailed info on everything from his pet projects to biking parties.

The Monkey Decade Plus Three Update: #2
by Guitar Ted over 2 years ago
Dirty Metric #1
by Guitar Ted over 2 years ago

Life Bikin'


This blogger tells his readers to “Rock hard, ride free.” That philosophy is evident throughout the posts, which cover the latest opportunities to hand-dig trails, and wishes for a short winter.

Cycle Dog


This family man shares an inside view into his world, a large piece of which includes cycling. He’ll graciously answer questions from readers as well, such as how to stay healthy while riding through winters in Oklahoma.

Bicycle Diaries


Yes, this blog is about cycling … loosely. The intelligent posts often meander through classical fiction, dropping in surprising bits of history here and there, so readers will never be bored with the content.

I Wear Spandex


On a journey of self-improvement through cycling, working on weight loss, greater fitness, a faster century time (100 mile bike ride), and living in a house with four daughters. This promises to be a roller coaster ride. Come follow the journey!

Reflecting on Challenges with Diet and Exercise
by iwsadmin over 4 years ago
A New Cycling Challenge and Gear Discounts with Vamovo
by iwsadmin over 4 years ago

Grimpeur Heureux


Grimpeur Heureux is a cycling blog, focusing on recreational road cycling and cyclosportives. In his blog, Andrew writes about his experiences training for and participating in sportives, as well as his general road cycling exploits. His posts provide useful and entertaining information to help cyclists of all levels get the most out of road cycling. His ambition is to inspire as many people to get out on their bikes and ride.

Hybrid vs Road Bike: What Is The Difference? (And Can I Use A Hybrid For A Sportive?!)
by Andrew Montgomery about 4 years ago
The Ultimate Guide To Pedals For Sportive Cyclists
by Andrew Montgomery about 4 years ago



Road cycling on a student's budget - training/race reports, pro-cycling commentary, and anything else cycling related.

Cycling From Fat to Fit


This blog is about my cycling journey to lose weight and get fit, with tips and advice to help you achieve your goals.



sensisuperstar is a cycling blog which is the home to the Push Hog series of cycle rides, The Beginners Guide to Cycling and much much more to keep cyclists of all experience amused and bemused!

Big Joes Soapbox


A blog about an extremely fat man getting slightly smaller through a love of cycling and a slight compulsion to see how far he can ride.