Travels with my Mule


This witty Brit keeps busy with multiple long-distance bike rides every year. He shares funny stories about his trusty “mule,” lovingly nicknamed Addy, and photos of each neat landmark on the way to his destination.

The beat goes on
by Philip over 2 years ago
Learning from the Girls
by Philip over 2 years ago

Big Oak Bikes


From gorgeous sunsets to great finds in bike museums, this blog will regularly surprise you with a dose of something beautiful and bike-related.

A Short (and Fast) Summer
by Big Oak over 4 years ago

Bicycles and Icicles


Appropriately named for a blog focused on the northernmost state, these posts show off the self-sufficient, daring spirit Alaskans are famous for. Great links to a collection of other blogs make this site stand out as well.

Apertome-Ear to the Breeze


Centered around southern Indiana, this blogger takes the readers on a ride through country roads and city commutes, enjoying cycling for its own sake. Photos personalize the tour.

Cycling Sonoma County


This blog sumarizes my experiences on a 5 week cycling vacation in norther California