Fat Cyclist


If you’re searching for honest product reviews, this blog is a great place to start. The writer puts products to the test on the open trail, sharing his likes and dislikes between funny posts on everything from weight loss to “gratitude lists.”

Racing the LT100 with the Queen of Pain: Race Nutrition Tips and Unveiling “Rusch to Glory”
by fatty almost 4 years ago
Racing the LT100 with the Queen of Pain: Pipeline, St Kevens, and Setting Up Your Bike
by fatty almost 4 years ago

Cozy Beehive


This blog covers the technical aspects of cycling, from carbon fiber to mechanics to metallurgical failure analysis, in significant detail. The posts link to articles for further research as well.

Bike Snob NYC


Easily winning the “most hysterically sarcastic” award, this blog will have you sniggering with its passive sarcasm and dry wit. The content doesn’t suffer for the style: Most posts include thoughtful commentary on some big biking issue.

BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!
by BikeSnobNYC over 2 years ago
Ain't No Mountain Smug Enough
by BikeSnobNYC over 2 years ago

I Bike To


If you’re living in Toronto, or are headed there for vacation, this blog will set you up with everything you’ll need to know about the bike scene. From bike lanes to the correctness of the bike paths on Google maps, you’ll get on-the-ground news from someone who knows.

Do we need a Vulnerable Road User Law in Ontario?
by herb about 3 years ago
Local designer helps us visualize what protected intersection can look like in Toronto context
by herb about 3 years ago

One Speed: Go


For Phoenix-area cyclists, this blog is a gem. Posts include photos and directions to great paths around the region, with notes on parking and trail markers.

For Happy Attention, Beyond Dull Oblivion
by John Romeo Alpha over 2 years ago
Visions of Power, at Night, By Bike
by John Romeo Alpha over 2 years ago

Drunk Cyclist


Be forewarned … this blog has an attitude problem. The writers don’t mind giving a middle finger where needed, or sharing their bold opinionated rants and raves.

Icycle Party Report
by dirty biker over 2 years ago
Tuesdays with Dirty: How to make 8 months disappear
by dirty biker over 2 years ago

Handlebar Sandwich


Writing from the outdoor mecca of Flagstaff, Arizona, this blogger writes about the numerous trails surrounding the town, and the best places for beer afterwards.

Fat Lad Rides Again


By his own admission, this blogger can’t get enough air time when it comes to talking about bikes. When his long-suffering wife and bike buddies get tired of bike chatter, he turns to the blog.