Naturally Cycling: Manchester


After overcoming her fear of cycling in a city, this blogger discovered quite the subculture of cyclists in Manchester. This blog describes her daily commutes, and keeps friends connected to the local scene.

Cargo life, family cycling and quaxing!
by LC almost 3 years ago
And then we were three…
by LC almost 4 years ago

A View from the Cycling Path


This blogger is fortunate to call the Netherlands (a.k.a “the world’s greatest cycling country”) home. When not leading cycling tours, he blogs about such important insider’s news as the best bike parking and new routes.

Sometimes, winter weather is so bad that conditions stop people from cycling, driving and even walking...
by David Hembrow over 2 years ago
Christmas photos
by David Hembrow over 2 years ago

Cycling Challenge


Even if you don’t like cycling, you’ll still enjoy the gorgeous photographs on this blog. Devoted to cycling in the Alps, this blog will have your heart racing for either the high mountain trails, or the stunning clouds sitting atop green mountains.

Berlin by Bike
by Will over 2 years ago
Route des Grandes Alpes Stage 7
by Will over 2 years ago

The Mongolia Chronicles


This bike-loving couple falls into the “extreme” category: biking to work 17 miles to Boulder most days, and jetting off on various international adventures. Follow along with their funny stories of numerous athletic exploits, many of which feature cycling.

Arches to Arches; Dusk to Dust
by dave kingsbury about 4 years ago
It's Times Like These
by dave kingsbury about 4 years ago



Toss a passionate love for Amsterdam and an equally passionate love for biking into a blender, and out pops this blog. It’s funny, inspiring, and the pictures show what a community built around bikes looks like.



Velonavia - Velo, fr. French velo, bicycle. Nav, fr. Swedish nav, hub. Originally the central part of the wheel. Today hub also means central point, such as in various types of networks. Velonavia, playing a bit with the word Scandinavia, and allude to a fictional place. A placewith the bike in the center. The Swedish Academy, has a motto: ”Genius and taste, ” Velonavia´s motto could be ”useful and entertaining”. I will write about cycling in general, but perhaps more often of bikelanes, than the racetrack, perhaps more frequently about croissants, than on energybars, maybe more often, but not always …

First ride – Giant Anthem X
by xcmankan over 4 years ago
Cykelvalåret 2014. Torbjörn Wester (Pp) svarar på Velonavias frågor
by xcmankan over 4 years ago