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A blog about an extremely fat man getting slightly smaller through a love of cycling and a slight compulsion to see how far he can ride.



Velonavia - Velo, fr. French velo, bicycle. Nav, fr. Swedish nav, hub. Originally the central part of the wheel. Today hub also means central point, such as in various types of networks. Velonavia, playing a bit with the word Scandinavia, and allude to a fictional place. A placewith the bike in the center. The Swedish Academy, has a motto: ”Genius and taste, ” Velonavia´s motto could be ”useful and entertaining”. I will write about cycling in general, but perhaps more often of bikelanes, than the racetrack, perhaps more frequently about croissants, than on energybars, maybe more often, but not always …

First ride – Giant Anthem X
by xcmankan about 4 years ago
Cykelvalåret 2014. Torbjörn Wester (Pp) svarar på Velonavias frågor
by xcmankan about 4 years ago

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