Big Oak Bikes


From gorgeous sunsets to great finds in bike museums, this blog will regularly surprise you with a dose of something beautiful and bike-related.

A Short (and Fast) Summer
by Big Oak over 4 years ago

Bike Snob NYC


Easily winning the “most hysterically sarcastic” award, this blog will have you sniggering with its passive sarcasm and dry wit. The content doesn’t suffer for the style: Most posts include thoughtful commentary on some big biking issue.

BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!
by BikeSnobNYC over 2 years ago
Ain't No Mountain Smug Enough
by BikeSnobNYC over 2 years ago

The Citizen Rider


This blogger dishes up advice and ideas about cycling, both from his passion for the sport and from his “accidental” career in the field too. Useful ideas for both novice and experienced riders.

Base miles or anomaly
by cafiend over 2 years ago
Into the great unknown
by cafiend over 2 years ago

I Bike To


If you’re living in Toronto, or are headed there for vacation, this blog will set you up with everything you’ll need to know about the bike scene. From bike lanes to the correctness of the bike paths on Google maps, you’ll get on-the-ground news from someone who knows.

Do we need a Vulnerable Road User Law in Ontario?
by herb over 3 years ago
Local designer helps us visualize what protected intersection can look like in Toronto context
by herb over 3 years ago

One Speed: Go


For Phoenix-area cyclists, this blog is a gem. Posts include photos and directions to great paths around the region, with notes on parking and trail markers.

For Happy Attention, Beyond Dull Oblivion
by John Romeo Alpha over 2 years ago
Visions of Power, at Night, By Bike
by John Romeo Alpha over 2 years ago

Bicycles and Icicles


Appropriately named for a blog focused on the northernmost state, these posts show off the self-sufficient, daring spirit Alaskans are famous for. Great links to a collection of other blogs make this site stand out as well.

Apertome-Ear to the Breeze


Centered around southern Indiana, this blogger takes the readers on a ride through country roads and city commutes, enjoying cycling for its own sake. Photos personalize the tour.



Toss a passionate love for Amsterdam and an equally passionate love for biking into a blender, and out pops this blog. It’s funny, inspiring, and the pictures show what a community built around bikes looks like.

Chic Cyclists


For those who are turned away by too much spandex and mud, the style-savvy of this blog will be right on target. Look for fashionable safety gear for munchkins, and close-up shots of bikes and cyclists that are particularly stylish.

Drunk Cyclist


Be forewarned … this blog has an attitude problem. The writers don’t mind giving a middle finger where needed, or sharing their bold opinionated rants and raves.

Icycle Party Report
by dirty biker over 2 years ago
Tuesdays with Dirty: How to make 8 months disappear
by dirty biker over 2 years ago

Handlebar Sandwich


Writing from the outdoor mecca of Flagstaff, Arizona, this blogger writes about the numerous trails surrounding the town, and the best places for beer afterwards.

Fat Lad Rides Again


By his own admission, this blogger can’t get enough air time when it comes to talking about bikes. When his long-suffering wife and bike buddies get tired of bike chatter, he turns to the blog.

Chic Cycling


A blog about cycling to improve your life, integrating cycling into your family, and some hip chic cycling fashion.

Mental Skills Training for Athletes


Whether you’re an elite athlete in your tenth year of competing or a recreational athlete preparing for your first triathlon, everyone can benefit from improving and strengthening their mental skills. Strong mental skills can help you achieve a more consistent physical performance by learning how to regulate the mental aspects of your sport. Carrie has coached hundreds of athletes on the essential mental skills it takes to achieve their optimal level of performance. Every athlete deserves to perform to their potential. So many times, we end up being the obstacle that gets in the way of us accomplishing our goals. If you don’t work on the mental aspects of your sport, you are leaving your performance up to chance.

Build Confidence with Deliberate Practice and Simulation Training
by Carrie Cheadle about 4 years ago
Reframing the Butterflies: How to Feel Calm and Confident
by Carrie Cheadle about 4 years ago

I Wear Spandex


On a journey of self-improvement through cycling, working on weight loss, greater fitness, a faster century time (100 mile bike ride), and living in a house with four daughters. This promises to be a roller coaster ride. Come follow the journey!

Reflecting on Challenges with Diet and Exercise
by iwsadmin over 4 years ago
A New Cycling Challenge and Gear Discounts with Vamovo
by iwsadmin over 4 years ago

Grimpeur Heureux


Grimpeur Heureux is a cycling blog, focusing on recreational road cycling and cyclosportives. In his blog, Andrew writes about his experiences training for and participating in sportives, as well as his general road cycling exploits. His posts provide useful and entertaining information to help cyclists of all levels get the most out of road cycling. His ambition is to inspire as many people to get out on their bikes and ride.

Hybrid vs Road Bike: What Is The Difference? (And Can I Use A Hybrid For A Sportive?!)
by Andrew Montgomery over 4 years ago
The Ultimate Guide To Pedals For Sportive Cyclists
by Andrew Montgomery over 4 years ago

Ecyclingstore Blog


Ecyclingstore.com was started to provide you with the lowest priced cycling gear available on the internet. We search for the best buys and pass the savings on to you. If you can find any of our items listed at a lower price on another website let us know and we'll beat that price.



Road cycling on a student's budget - training/race reports, pro-cycling commentary, and anything else cycling related.

Cantitoe Road Blog


The Cantitoe Road site sells bicycle parts, tools, and accessories. We ride and use everything we sell. We also sell some non-cycling related things we like because...well, because we like them. I hope you enjoy your experience on this site.

Cycling From Fat to Fit


This blog is about my cycling journey to lose weight and get fit, with tips and advice to help you achieve your goals.



sensisuperstar is a cycling blog which is the home to the Push Hog series of cycle rides, The Beginners Guide to Cycling and much much more to keep cyclists of all experience amused and bemused!

Cycling Sonoma County


This blog sumarizes my experiences on a 5 week cycling vacation in norther California