Bike Diva


Featuring a focus on all things bike and bike-related, Bike Diva is a one-stop blog for anyone seeking information on the vast amount of gear used in this popular sport.

Bike Diva is a FitFluential Ambassador
by Lynn Smythe over 3 years ago
Top 5 Cycling Safety Tips
by Lynn Smythe almost 4 years ago

The Outta Shape Triathlete


The journey of a beginner triathlete as she documents her life, training, and discoveries in the sport of triathlon.

Alaska Bike Girl


The author of the definitive book on biking in Anchorage brings you an adventure-filled blog about not just Alaska, but the lower 48 as well. The author’s adventurous spirit is evident in each of her posts, whether she’s sharing a story from a bike ride or a trek through a museum.

gear check
by bikegirl about 4 years ago
knik glacier: a tale of two trips
by bikegirl over 4 years ago

Carfree with Kids


These two professors have lived without a vehicle for over five years, proving that families can be as car-free as singles. Like losing weight, biking can be one of those New Year’s resolutions that’s short lived. This blog gives an honest perspective on the car-free life for those who are considering it and encourages those who are already in the club.

Guest Cargo Bike Reviews from a Four-Kid Family, Part 2: Xtracycle Edgerunner
by nathan over 4 years ago
Guest Cargo Bike Reviews from a Four-Kid Family, Part 1: Madsen
by nathan over 4 years ago

Cycling Lifestyle


Fixies, tall bikes, road bikes, whatever. This blogger loves them all, and gets outside to ride as often as possible. This blog emanates adrenaline. The writer obviously isn’t into half measures, and he pours his heart into biking, even when it means near-drowning in mud puddles.

by Brian Pottorff over 4 years ago
by Brian Pottorff over 4 years ago

Bicycle Picture of the Day


Not all cycling requires fancy gear and skin-tight spandex. This blog is dedicated to the simplicity of cycling, by capturing one great image of a classic bike each day. There’s a nostalgic feel to this blog. For readers who more likely to admire bikes from a distance than ride them, this blog will be a great fit.

1931 - 1940 Elgin Air Flow
by Menotomy Vintage Bicycles over 2 years ago
1931 - 1940 Schwinn Henderson
by Menotomy Vintage Bicycles over 2 years ago

Change Your Life. Ride a Bike.


This blog is dedicated to a grand mission: to promote the small shifts in perspective that can come from riding a bike, whether it’s meeting a neighbor for the first time, or falling in love with the feeling of wind in your hair.

arthursday 1/2016
by MELI. over 2 years ago
arthursday: hola MART
by m e l i g r o s a almost 4 years ago

Naturally Cycling: Manchester


After overcoming her fear of cycling in a city, this blogger discovered quite the subculture of cyclists in Manchester. This blog describes her daily commutes, and keeps friends connected to the local scene.

Cargo life, family cycling and quaxing!
by LC almost 3 years ago
And then we were three…
by LC almost 4 years ago

A View from the Cycling Path


This blogger is fortunate to call the Netherlands (a.k.a “the world’s greatest cycling country”) home. When not leading cycling tours, he blogs about such important insider’s news as the best bike parking and new routes.

Sometimes, winter weather is so bad that conditions stop people from cycling, driving and even walking...
by David Hembrow over 2 years ago
Christmas photos
by David Hembrow over 2 years ago

Guitar Ted Productions


This blogger is passionate about two things: bikes and guitars. Most of these posts focus on the former, with detailed info on everything from his pet projects to biking parties.

The Monkey Decade Plus Three Update: #2
by Guitar Ted over 2 years ago
Dirty Metric #1
by Guitar Ted over 2 years ago

Life Bikin'


This blogger tells his readers to “Rock hard, ride free.” That philosophy is evident throughout the posts, which cover the latest opportunities to hand-dig trails, and wishes for a short winter.

Cycle Dog


This family man shares an inside view into his world, a large piece of which includes cycling. He’ll graciously answer questions from readers as well, such as how to stay healthy while riding through winters in Oklahoma.

The Old Bag


This older blogger has a youthful heart, filling her posts with funny pictures of her cycling apparel and pretty views along the routes. Personal stories, written honestly and openly, round out the blog.

My 2014?
by The Old Bag over 3 years ago

Travels with my Mule


This witty Brit keeps busy with multiple long-distance bike rides every year. He shares funny stories about his trusty “mule,” lovingly nicknamed Addy, and photos of each neat landmark on the way to his destination.

The beat goes on
by Philip over 2 years ago
Learning from the Girls
by Philip over 2 years ago

GIrl on Bike


This blog is a social calendar of events for the Oakland area. Given its focus on sustainably lifestyles, it’s safe to assume you’ll be arriving to them on a bike.

Another project in the works...
by Girl on Bike about 4 years ago
A New Project - As Gypsies Wander
by Girl on Bike over 4 years ago

Fat Cyclist


If you’re searching for honest product reviews, this blog is a great place to start. The writer puts products to the test on the open trail, sharing his likes and dislikes between funny posts on everything from weight loss to “gratitude lists.”

Racing the LT100 with the Queen of Pain: Race Nutrition Tips and Unveiling “Rusch to Glory”
by fatty almost 4 years ago
Racing the LT100 with the Queen of Pain: Pipeline, St Kevens, and Setting Up Your Bike
by fatty almost 4 years ago

Cycling Challenge


Even if you don’t like cycling, you’ll still enjoy the gorgeous photographs on this blog. Devoted to cycling in the Alps, this blog will have your heart racing for either the high mountain trails, or the stunning clouds sitting atop green mountains.

Berlin by Bike
by Will over 2 years ago
Route des Grandes Alpes Stage 7
by Will over 2 years ago

Bicycle Diaries


Yes, this blog is about cycling … loosely. The intelligent posts often meander through classical fiction, dropping in surprising bits of history here and there, so readers will never be bored with the content.

Cozy Beehive


This blog covers the technical aspects of cycling, from carbon fiber to mechanics to metallurgical failure analysis, in significant detail. The posts link to articles for further research as well.

The Mongolia Chronicles


This bike-loving couple falls into the “extreme” category: biking to work 17 miles to Boulder most days, and jetting off on various international adventures. Follow along with their funny stories of numerous athletic exploits, many of which feature cycling.

Arches to Arches; Dusk to Dust
by dave kingsbury about 4 years ago
It's Times Like These
by dave kingsbury about 4 years ago

Bikes and the City


For the chic city cyclist, this blog will be a joy. Featuring both coffee and boys along with the bikes, these short stories and photographs of commuting in the bike lane will put a smile on your face.

febrero: leap year
by MELI. over 2 years ago
LOS EVENTS: bicis de pueblo, in the excelsior. saturday 12/19th 12-4pm
by MELI. over 2 years ago

Cycling for Beginners


Taking on a new sport can be intimidating, particularly one that involves form-fitting spandex apparel. This blog gets beginners off on the right foot, with posts on advice and interviews with professionals.

Racor PBS-2R 2 Bike Storage Floor Rack Stand Review
by Douglas about 4 years ago
Delta Donatello 2 Bike Storage Floor Rack Stand Review
by Douglas over 4 years ago

Bike Hugger


This blog is a hub of activity for those in the cycling community. You’ll find info on races, discussion on the best gear, and invitations to social events.

Fat Bike Winter Ascent
by Byron over 2 years ago
ENVE confirms GRD fork for gravel/all-road bikes
by Mark V over 2 years ago

Wheel Dancer


Chummy writing and personal photos add a unique dimension to this blog, as if you were “talking shop” with an old friend.

Haiku for Kareem
by WheelDancer over 3 years ago
by WheelDancer over 4 years ago