Java Cupcake


Get ready for fantastic cupcakes! Betsy, editor of JavaCupcake.com teaches you how to make french toast and bacon cupcakes, her new favorite. Or try her Starbuck's inspired recipe for caramel macchiato cupcakes. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Betsy is blogging from Germany while her husband is stationed there. She'll be tasting, gathering recipes and sharing new cupcake ideas on her blog as she visits bakeries throughout Europe.

Key Lime Scones
by Nancy Piran over 2 years ago
Easy Monday Night Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
by Betsy Eves over 2 years ago

All About Cupcakes


If you're a baker who says, "just show me the recipe!," this site is for you. It's not fancy- schmancy, just all of the best basic recipes. Many of the recipes call for ingredients you probably already have on hand. And some recipes do not even need a mixer. Want to make their popular orange and poppy seed cupcakes? Just place all the ingredients into a blender, orange and all, pour and bake!

Site Map - Cupcakes, Cupcake Recipes
about 4 years ago

Kathleen's Confections


Interested in filled cupcakes? Here you'll find many versions including apple pie cupcakes with a granny smith filling. Kathleen uses a nifty pastry gun to fill her concoctions. You'll also see a recipe for Hostess Cupcake knock-off, filled to perfection.

Browned Butter Cupcakes
by Kathleen Kowal almost 4 years ago
Salted Beer Caramels
by Kathleen Kowal over 4 years ago

Your Cup of Cake


In this blog Lizzy of Provo, Utah says that "This is where my love of food, photography, and writing has come to life!!" You'll see that It truly does with her flavorful renditions of taste treats such as peanut butter and banana cupcakes and spicy Mexican chocolate cupcakes.

Thin Mint Poke Cake
by Lizzy Mae Early over 2 years ago
Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes
by Lizzy Mae Early over 2 years ago

Cupcake Bakeshop


Since 2005 Cheryl Porro has been bringing to the world of cupcakes her love of experimenting and sharing photos of her ingenious specialty cupcakes along with detailed recipes. Working full time as a software engineer and living in San Francisco as a wife and mom seem to have inspired her all the more to pursue her love of baking and blogging.

Ming Makes Cupcakes


Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes (and some cookies too)! Comb through unique recipes and you'll made something that will impress your friends! Make sure you check out the recipes for the vanilla almond cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting and the mango cupcakes with buttercream frosting and coconut.

Cupcake Recipes From Scratch


Cupcake Recipes From Scratch For Beginners with chocolate, caramel, alcohol, decoration ideas and much more

Cooking With Choley


I love cupcakes!! I love finding new and unusual ways to make food into cupcakes...like meatloaf cupcakes, or pizza cupcakes!! And of course, you regular dessert cupcakes like S'mores cupcakes!! <3

The Cupcake Recipes


All you need to know is in here - it is full of ideas which hopefully will inspire you to create your own cupcake designs for whatever the occasion or celebration…and have fun in the process. We hope you will enjoy thecupcakerecipes.com and more importantly have a go and join in the fun!