Disco Cupcakes


Learn how to make cupcakes (and great cakes too) here with the flair and fashion of the 70s and beyond. The designs here regularly stun you and leave you in awe.

Java Cupcake


Get ready for fantastic cupcakes! Betsy, editor of JavaCupcake.com teaches you how to make french toast and bacon cupcakes, her new favorite. Or try her Starbuck's inspired recipe for caramel macchiato cupcakes. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Betsy is blogging from Germany while her husband is stationed there. She'll be tasting, gathering recipes and sharing new cupcake ideas on her blog as she visits bakeries throughout Europe.

Key Lime Scones
by Nancy Piran over 2 years ago
Easy Monday Night Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
by Betsy Eves over 2 years ago

52 Cupcakes


We chose 52 Cupcakes as a top blog because it's "a place where you can discover things," and as one fellow blogger describes,"it's a place that makes me drool." Who could resist that? Many of the cupcake photos include Layla, the blog editor's faithful canine companion and "baking partner."

These are the best Granny Smith Apple Cupcakes! Enjoy!
by Cupcake Queen over 3 years ago
This will amaze you...and you will love it!!!
by Cupcake Queen almost 5 years ago

Only Cupcakes


Only Cupcakes is "all cupcakes, all of the time," as described by blog editor Nadia Isobel. We consider this blog site a hidden treasure because Nadia features the most gorgeous cupcake photos contributed from all over the world. Each "still-life" entry adds to a uniquely detailed assortment of both elegance and whimsy.

Easy Cupcakes


Devanie Angel designed her cupcake blog for casual bakers, kids, busy moms, or anyone who wants an easy way to create cupcakes for any special occasion: a birthday party, shower, holiday or just for fun. This cupcake expert is not afraid of using cake mixes or canned frosting and offers whimsical concepts for decorating cupcakes for every occasion. You can find a myriad of fun ideas for decorating any style or cupcake theme imaginable: mardi gras, ice cream cone, ocean and sea life, characters, sports, and even career cupcakes. You'll also find articles on all the basics: supplies, using fondant, how to host a cupcake exchange, even cake mix reviews.

Cupcakes Take the Cake


We love this blog because there's something for everyone. It's perfect for home bakers, hobbyists, or for those who are truly serious bakers. If you're in culinary school or are an aspiring entrepreneur, these cupcake pros offer priceless tips about all the tricks of the trade.

Mardi Gras Pancakes Using Krusteaz Pancake Mix
by Nichelle over 2 years ago
San Diego Cake Show In March
by Nichelle over 2 years ago

All About Cupcakes


If you're a baker who says, "just show me the recipe!," this site is for you. It's not fancy- schmancy, just all of the best basic recipes. Many of the recipes call for ingredients you probably already have on hand. And some recipes do not even need a mixer. Want to make their popular orange and poppy seed cupcakes? Just place all the ingredients into a blender, orange and all, pour and bake!

Site Map - Cupcakes, Cupcake Recipes
about 4 years ago

All Things Cupcake


This popular cupcake blog feature a new cupcake every single day. You'll find all the information you need replicate the featured cupcake plus lots of ideas for cupcake wrappers, toppers and every type of novelty product imaginable related to cupcakes.

Best Friends for Frosting


Written by a mother-daughter baking team, this blog is full of "heart-warming dessert recipes" with recipes they've carefully developed. They believe it's quite possible that their customized recipe for fluffy strawberry buttercream frosting rivals Martha Stewart's recipe!

by Elizabeth Lee over 4 years ago
by Sponsored Post over 4 years ago

Coco Cake


Visit this blog to find ideas for vintage themed cupcakes. Coco Cake is a small bakery in Vancouver, B.C. that specializes in custom baked cupcakes inspired by illustrations in 1960's era pastry cookbooks and children's books. Artist, baker and blogger Lyndsay Sung takes you back in time with her delicately decorated storybook styled cupcakes.

Coco Cake Land Has Moved! visit cococakeland.com to find me!
by noreply@blogger.com (Coco Cake Land) about 4 years ago
Get Your Bunny On For Easter! Bunny Cake + Bunny Cake Toppers
by noreply@blogger.com (Coco Cake Land) over 4 years ago

Cupcake Activist


Follow this cupcake activist who has taken up the cause of reviewing cupcake shops, bakeries, and even traveling cupcake trucks. She began in Orange County, concentrating on Southern California until her search for cupcakes led her to New York City, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago and even Rome. Some of her most outstanding cupcake adventures have involved taste-testing Kaluha cream cheese cupcakes and various versions of Oreo cupcakes.

Kitchen Conversion Guide from S.B.LATTINDESIGN
by Elise Wallace about 4 years ago
Rubber Ducky Cake for My Cute Nephew
by Elise Wallace about 4 years ago

Hello Cupcake


Authors of the book Hello Cupcake write this blog. They believe in the philosophy of using simple candies and snacks to turn cupcakes into surprising creations. Their cupcake animals, objects and foods such as "pizza" look real. Only after trying them do you realize they're actually cupcakes decorated with cereal, fruit roll- ups, and frosting.

Blog News
by hellocupcakeblog about 4 years ago
Little Gift Box Cupcakes
by hellocupcakeblog about 4 years ago

Hoosier Homemade


Check out Liz's "cupcake heaven" with over 100 ideas for cupcakes. No longer will you think it a mystery about how to decorate, fill or even "poke" cupcakes. Without a doubt, you can do this by following her easy video instructions. And according to Liz, by using her methods "a counter full of equipment" is not necessary.

Valentine Decorating: Hugs and Kisses Mantel
by Liz over 3 years ago
Chocolate Raspberry Trifle
by Liz over 3 years ago

Kathleen's Confections


Interested in filled cupcakes? Here you'll find many versions including apple pie cupcakes with a granny smith filling. Kathleen uses a nifty pastry gun to fill her concoctions. You'll also see a recipe for Hostess Cupcake knock-off, filled to perfection.

Browned Butter Cupcakes
by Kathleen Kowal about 4 years ago
Salted Beer Caramels
by Kathleen Kowal over 4 years ago

Kumquat Cupcakery


New York City bakery owner by Keavy Landret offers up ideas for making and displaying beautiful mini cupcakes featuring unique flavors such as maple bacon and lemon lavender.

Lairy the Cupcake Fairy


Based in London, blogger Sarah is a stay-at-home mom who likes to indulge in both baking and "retail therapy." "Cupcakes or couture - it's interchangeable to me," says Sarah who believes in adding a touch of glamour to her cupcakes.

Summer cake creations!
by Lairy the Cupcake Fairy ... that's me! x almost 5 years ago

Your Cup of Cake


In this blog Lizzy of Provo, Utah says that "This is where my love of food, photography, and writing has come to life!!" You'll see that It truly does with her flavorful renditions of taste treats such as peanut butter and banana cupcakes and spicy Mexican chocolate cupcakes.

Thin Mint Poke Cake
by Lizzy Mae Early over 2 years ago
Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes
by Lizzy Mae Early over 2 years ago

Utah Loves Cupcakes


Here is a great example of a locally focused cupcake blog. Becky Olsen covers her state with all the latest cupcake news in Utah. She visits and reviews Utah cupcake bakeries, boutiques and a number of cupcake-related products. She also posts cupcake recipes and ideas from other Utah cupcake bloggers. She loves to travel, eat cupcakes and write about her adventures.

Cupcakes and More!


Jenn Wagner is a cake and cupcake caterer and enthusiast who shares on her blog examples of her innovative creations. We especially like her idea for carmel apple cupcakes -- a rich cinnamon vanilla cake with chunks of apples, filled with a cinnamon caramel cream cheese filling and topped with a cinnamon caramel buttercream sprinkled with apple pie flavored crust. Whew!

Bake Me I'm Yours Cupcakery


Here you will find vintage-inspired cupcakes and creative ideas for presenting them. This is a bakery blog featuring every kind of cupcake flavor combination imaginable. Originally inspired by great aunt's baking, she especially remembers her delicious vanilla custard sponge cakes topped with pink icing and edged with a sprinkling of coconut -- inspiration indeed!

Bake it in a Cake


Megan Selling's blog is devoted to cupcake fillings -- all the delicious things you can fit inside of them including puddings, pie fillings, candy bars and even baklava. A favorite cookie she calls the cyclops cookie, the peanut butter cookie with a Hershey Kiss on top, inspired her cupcake version. Megan's idea is to actually bake the cookie inside of a cupcake. Then she tops it with a chocolate peanut butter buttercream frosting. Her recipe list is a good place to start if you decide to go the extra step of filling your cupcakes.

Learn how to make a 12th man cupcake, Marshawn’s grabbed...
over 3 years ago
It’s time for a Bake It in a Cake GIVEAWAY! One lucky...
almost 4 years ago

An American Cupcake in London


Kelly's story as a blogger began in London where she studied accounting and ended up never leaving. She reviews cupcake bakeries from an American perspective and even has a London cupcake tourist map on her site. She also shares her own unique creations such as popcorn cupcakes baked red and white popcorn bags.

Cupcake Book Club #15
by Cupcake Kelly over 4 years ago
Captain Crunch Strawberry Shortcake
by Cupcake Kelly over 4 years ago

Bella Cupcake Couture


Bella Cupcake Couture is all about fashion for your cupcakes. After you've baked them or even purchased some, it's time for the added touch of cupcake wrappers and toppers to embellish them. As blogger Carrie Middlemiss asks, "why should frosting have all the limelight?" She has set out to create boutique style designs, adding fun and elegance to your cupcakes to be used as a gift or for any special occasion.

How a Kickball Love Story & Cupcakes Met | Wedding Cupcake Covers
by admin over 3 years ago
Dana & Mickey’s Silver Wedding Cupcakes Display
by admin almost 4 years ago

Cuppyliscious Cupcake


You'll be amazed by these two sisters' use of color combinations, detailed decorating and new ideas you can use for creating messages and greetings with cupcakes. Hello Kitty themed cupcakes are their specialty.

Raya Hamper 2015
by cuppylicious about 3 years ago
Ramadhan Bazaar 2015
by cuppylicious about 3 years ago

Couture Cupcakes


These are truly "cupcakes with pizzazz!" Where has this blog been? Some prime examples are: Red Bull frosting; love chai cupcakes; cosmopolitan cupcakes; honey pear cupcakes with white chocolate pistachio buttercream; champagne cupcakes with strawberry truffle frosting; lemon and honey cupcakes; raspberry champagne cupcakes with white chocolate coconut dulce de leche ganache. Need we say more?