Only Cupcakes


Only Cupcakes is "all cupcakes, all of the time," as described by blog editor Nadia Isobel. We consider this blog site a hidden treasure because Nadia features the most gorgeous cupcake photos contributed from all over the world. Each "still-life" entry adds to a uniquely detailed assortment of both elegance and whimsy.

Cupcake Activist


Follow this cupcake activist who has taken up the cause of reviewing cupcake shops, bakeries, and even traveling cupcake trucks. She began in Orange County, concentrating on Southern California until her search for cupcakes led her to New York City, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago and even Rome. Some of her most outstanding cupcake adventures have involved taste-testing Kaluha cream cheese cupcakes and various versions of Oreo cupcakes.

Kitchen Conversion Guide from S.B.LATTINDESIGN
by Elise Wallace about 4 years ago
Rubber Ducky Cake for My Cute Nephew
by Elise Wallace about 4 years ago

Utah Loves Cupcakes


Here is a great example of a locally focused cupcake blog. Becky Olsen covers her state with all the latest cupcake news in Utah. She visits and reviews Utah cupcake bakeries, boutiques and a number of cupcake-related products. She also posts cupcake recipes and ideas from other Utah cupcake bloggers. She loves to travel, eat cupcakes and write about her adventures.

An American Cupcake in London


Kelly's story as a blogger began in London where she studied accounting and ended up never leaving. She reviews cupcake bakeries from an American perspective and even has a London cupcake tourist map on her site. She also shares her own unique creations such as popcorn cupcakes baked red and white popcorn bags.

Cupcake Book Club #15
by Cupcake Kelly over 4 years ago
Captain Crunch Strawberry Shortcake
by Cupcake Kelly over 4 years ago

The Cupcake Blog


Don't be fooled by this modest blog. Once you scroll down Amanda's home page, you'll find amazing categories with recipes and photos. See her adult beverage cupcakes, 244 versions of all vanilla cupcakes, and character cupcakes, all 154 of them!

Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes
by Shanna Gibbs over 2 years ago
Love Monster Cupcakes
by Shanna Gibbs over 2 years ago

Cupcakes Garden


If you enjoy searching for cupcakes recipes and ideas then Cupcakes Garden is the right place for you. It showcases the most delicious and best decorated cupcakes recipes & ideas for you. You can find cupcakes for every occasion or search for your favorite cupcakes flavor.

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes by Bakerita
by admin over 4 years ago
Strawberry Cupcakes with Fresh Strawberry Frosting by Spend with Pennies
by admin over 4 years ago