Sugar Swings


Written by a working mom who "likes to make stuff, at one time for my family and friends and now for my kiddos," her cupcakes resemble high-end designer cupcakes. Best of all, she tells you exactly how she does it. For instance, for bunny- shaped candies for cupcake toppers she uses an ice cube tray mold she found for a dollar. Some candy melts or wafers are melted in the microwave and frozen in the mold for about ten minutes. Then, food "pencils" can be used for drawing the details. The results: inexpensive and amazing.

Cat in the Hat Swirled Bundt Cake - Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
by Michelle from Sugarswings over 2 years ago
Marvel's Deadpool No Bake Cookies
by Michelle from Sugarswings over 2 years ago

The Cupcake Blog


Don't be fooled by this modest blog. Once you scroll down Amanda's home page, you'll find amazing categories with recipes and photos. See her adult beverage cupcakes, 244 versions of all vanilla cupcakes, and character cupcakes, all 154 of them!

Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes
by Shanna Gibbs over 2 years ago
Love Monster Cupcakes
by Shanna Gibbs over 2 years ago

The Cupcake Place


This Canadian bakery blog proves that cupcakes can definitely for men also, proven by their famous Monday night football themed cupcakes, Xbox, and camoflage cupcakes.

Let Them Eat Cake!
by thecupcakeplace almost 4 years ago
A ‘FROZEN’ Summer Event
by thecupcakeplace almost 4 years ago

Cupcake Bakeshop


Since 2005 Cheryl Porro has been bringing to the world of cupcakes her love of experimenting and sharing photos of her ingenious specialty cupcakes along with detailed recipes. Working full time as a software engineer and living in San Francisco as a wife and mom seem to have inspired her all the more to pursue her love of baking and blogging.

Ming Makes Cupcakes


Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes (and some cookies too)! Comb through unique recipes and you'll made something that will impress your friends! Make sure you check out the recipes for the vanilla almond cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting and the mango cupcakes with buttercream frosting and coconut.

Sadie Bakes


From start to finish you will find recipes and reviews about cupcakes and other baked goods. Enter your favorite cupcake recipe on the site as well!

Cupcakes Garden


If you enjoy searching for cupcakes recipes and ideas then Cupcakes Garden is the right place for you. It showcases the most delicious and best decorated cupcakes recipes & ideas for you. You can find cupcakes for every occasion or search for your favorite cupcakes flavor.

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes by Bakerita
by admin about 4 years ago
Strawberry Cupcakes with Fresh Strawberry Frosting by Spend with Pennies
by admin about 4 years ago

Cupcake Recipes From Scratch


Cupcake Recipes From Scratch For Beginners with chocolate, caramel, alcohol, decoration ideas and much more

Cooking With Choley


I love cupcakes!! I love finding new and unusual ways to make food into cupcakes...like meatloaf cupcakes, or pizza cupcakes!! And of course, you regular dessert cupcakes like S'mores cupcakes!! <3

The Cupcake Recipes


All you need to know is in here - it is full of ideas which hopefully will inspire you to create your own cupcake designs for whatever the occasion or celebration…and have fun in the process. We hope you will enjoy thecupcakerecipes.com and more importantly have a go and join in the fun!



A designer with a passion for baking, Poh at cupcakes-n-macarons bakes beautiful stories on cupcakes and macarons. You will find stacks of recipes, tutorials and gorgeous photographs.

The Great British Bake Store


Welcome to The Great British Bake Store blog. A baking and lifestyle blog showing recipe how to's, the latest bakery product reviews and trips to coffee shops.

Gotta Have Chocolate


Chocolate Blog. View many recipes for chocolate desserts, chocolate cookies, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cakes, and more!

Oreo Chocolate Truffles
over 4 years ago
Chocolate Truffles
over 4 years ago

Simply Sweet


A blog about food, family, and getting through the day one sweet step at a time