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Procrasti Nation - Cease Your Day!


Procrasti Nation will keep you updated with the best of music, pop culture, life style and travel from the perspective of a German expat living in Prague. Expect a lot of innovative and groovy music (rap, future bass, pop), pictures and stories from EU

Keep It Sesame Street, Yo: Big Bird Feat. The Fugees (Video)
by Flodoard Quolke about 4 years ago
Brian Williams Addresses His Rapping (Video)
by Flodoard Quolke about 4 years ago

Who Am I To Stop It


This blog features discussions of disability representation in the media, disability culture, guest posts by artists with brain injuries and disabilities, and follows a documentary film in production about artists with brain injuries called "Who Am I To Stop It."

Submit your art to the awesomest brain injury art show: The Creativity Expo in New Jersey
by brainreels about 4 years ago
Spotlight on Disability Film Festivals: The Disability Film Challenge 48-hour film race is on!
by brainreels about 4 years ago