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The book and blog site of Chris Lautsbaugh, author of "Death of the Modern SuperHero." This site explores the issues of grace, leadership, missions and cross-cultural issues from a Biblical and Christian perspective.

Romance Redefined
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Wisdom for All of Life
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The Curious Christian


his blog is my attempt at intellectual honesty in Christianity. Too often, in too many churches, there seems to be this box by the front doors that attendees drop their brains into. Christianity needs to work with today’s culture, being viewed through cultural lenses, as well as being the lens through which culture is viewed. If we are still trying to burn witches (homosexuals) at the stake, trashing the environment (what we were given stewardship over in Genesis), and answering question with “Because the Bible says so.” or, “My pastor says so” without any other evidence, Christianity deserves to become a defunct religion, and something new needs to show up. Personally, I feel that Christianity is extremely relevant in today’s culture. I feel it has the answers we need as a global society; and I feel that today’s issues can be informed by the Biblical text and dealt with. Human cloning may not be written out in the Hebrew Bible or Christian Testament, but how we should deal with that issue is available to us in scripture. This blog will be my intellectual journey through my faith. I want to be able to ask the hard questions that pastors don’t like to get asked. I want to express the doubts that many of my brothers and sisters do not like to admit they have. I want to be able to share my walk with Jesus.

Hagermans on a Mission!


The journal of an amazing adventure that's become our everyday life, as our family serves as missionaries in Paraguay. Join us for the journey in the little country with big culture in the heart of South America.

Moving Back to the US
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A Love Story Comes Full Circle
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God Love


Enlightenment towards happiness. Find purpose or meaning to life in simple ways. True happiness, love, and God come hand in hand.