Above the Law


Those who get a sugar high from legal gossip and behind-the-gavel action will thoroughly enjoy themselves here. The top people and companies in law are the common targets.

If You’re Using . . .
by Mark Herrmann almost 2 years ago
Morning Docket: 02.29.16
by Staci Zaretsky almost 2 years ago

The Great American Blog


Fox News' Sean Hannity contributes his controversial opinion here the state of America today. He offers a sound understanding of right-wing US political ideology.

American Thinker


This American cultural analysis page shows a belief in the state of Israel as one of its few ardent political assertions. Others, readers can expect a smorgasbord of opinion here.

Democracy in America


Right, left, or center, this blog prefers to concentrate on the unique brand of politics America has produced. Anticipate posts of deep reflection and sharp intellect here.

Conservative estimate
almost 4 years ago
No hero
almost 4 years ago

Blog for Rural America


Though cities like New York and Los Angeles dominate news coverage, this blog reminds readers that American farmland lives on. Political ramifications for rural living are the main focus.

Conservation Going Strong in Sandhills
by Becky Keim about 2 years ago
Corporate Control, Fairness & Democracy
by Brian Depew about 2 years ago

Mommies Vote Too


Mommies Vote Too is the home of a Conservative mommy having her say on politics, news, social issues and whatever else hits her radar.

Todds and Ends


Todds and Ends is a collection of musings and ramblings on a variety of topics, from politics to sports to science.