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Two Feathers, of the Blackfoot tribe, composes this blog that delves into the latest Native news and culture. You can often find his reviews and analyses of books, too.

New Age Fraud Shutdown for Libel Blog
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John Trudell - Take back the Earth
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Southern California' mini-climate of rapid minority expansion has been embraced by the nation as a foreshadowing of America's future ethnic composition. Multi-American takes on the issues of immigration and cultural acceptance within and just outside of the United States borders. The writers extrapolate on the migrant microcosm currently surrounding Los Angeles as a way to widen readers' perspectives on the definition of being American in a racially and culturally more colorful land.

American Short Fiction


As America's culture has always been historically captured by its writers, this blog upholds the country's fascination with literature. Up-and-coming authors appear here.

American Flag Blog


The signature symbol for American culture generates a wealth of must-read posts here. Readers can learn what the flag symbolizes and its importance to contemporary culture.

That was Then


I am a freelance writer, novelist, museum educator, and eternal student of history. These are my words, but feel free to share yours.



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