Sustainable Food


This blog captures the growing movement for the production of sustainable food in America. The greening of American cuisine is also a major blogging point here.

Child Obesity in America


This blog chronicles the latest state in the epidemic crisis of American overweight children. Parents suffering from this issue can find advice on exercise and healthy eating.

Oct 7, the fat girl
almost 5 years ago

Weekend Sidetrip


If you're looking for a blog where it contains about traveling and food trips. Well, Weekend Sidetrip has it all. I write about the food and restaurant I visit. I write blogs about my trip and how my fellow traveler can save while traveling.

the unprocess


From food to fashion and everything in between, the unprocess is a documentary of how to live an unprocessed lifestyle. With unique DIY's, unprocessed recipes, and great vintage and eco-friendly designers, there is a little something fun for everyone.

Bellbirds & Pea Shoots


Finding life's balance by living simpler, growing our own food, consuming less, giving more, seeking nature, making what we need and celebrating what we have. An eco-living journey by Michelle.

Visit to a blueberry and garlic farm: Bob's Farm Berries
by Michelle about 3 years ago
Open Garden: Our Permaculture Backyard
by Michelle about 3 years ago