This American Life


The classic and highly acclaimed radio program carries over that winning programming onto this blog page. Ira Glass himself regularly writes posts here.

We want your stories about being high
by seth over 4 years ago
This Week on the Radio: "Tribes"
by adrianne over 4 years ago

Reality Blurred


America isn't always solemn with shoulders stressed from carrying issue after weighty issue. Indeed, the U.S. has earned a reputation for casting aside its burdens increasingly often in favor of soaking up a new, more titillating task: watching reality TV. From Survivor to American Idol, reality programming has centralized itself as a mainstay of US culture. Reality Blurred is among the finest blogs anywhere on the topic, bringing an analytic, inquisitive, and contemplative viewpoint to the genre.



American Idol has become a critical component of the country's culture, and this blog captures it with charm. Learn about the latest winners and upcoming tours.

Idol Chat With M&M – Top 9 Power Rankings
by SirMac over 4 years ago
Tuesday Ratings: The Voice Hits a Season Low
by mj over 4 years ago

NFL Gridiron Gab


American football is a phenomenon in the continental States; this page is where serious fans analyze every inch of the yard-line. Shape up for the upcoming season here.

Top 10 Worst NFL Free Agent Signings Of All-Time
by Matt Loede over 4 years ago
Does Moving Back The Extra Point Make Kickers More Valuable?
by Matt Loede over 4 years ago

Le Basketbawl


Basketball, a game invented in the U.S., receives a lushly quirky treatment on this page. Every aspect of the court is given a deeply felt consideration in the site's posts.

NBA Player Doesn’t Like Referee’s Call
by Josh Ahlstrom over 3 years ago
Westbrook’s Affect on Kevin Durant’s Game
by Josh Ahlstrom over 3 years ago

Broadway Musical Blog


Starlets from all over yearn to take their chances along the stages of America's center for theater; this blog fills readers in on the Main Stem's latest happenings.

The First Annual BroadwayCon
by Valerie Rigsbee over 2 years ago
A Buzzworthy on Broadway News Roundup
by Valerie Rigsbee over 2 years ago

Traveling While Trucking


An entertainment site full of humor, travel, fashion and celeberties.

Girl...Get a Blog!


Girl...Get a Blog! is the site of a loud mouthed, hookah smoking, borderline alcoholic who fancies herself a "Woman of Leisure." And those are the good qualities!



A fairly open and wide ranging blog covering a variety of topics, from humorous thoughts to contemporary issues to the latest TV show or piece of pop music. If it interests our writers then it will appear here.