Tokyo By Bike


With a bit of experience up my sleeve cycling in and around Tokyo I’ve learned the odd trick, avoided the odd accident, and seen the odd, occasionally extremely odd, thing or two. I’d like to use this blog to share some of those stories, tips and general observations with everyone, but what I am really hoping is that my writings will encourage others visiting or living in Tokyo, to get off the train and start exploring the vibrant city of Tokyo by bicycle. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll discover when you travel around Tokyo by bike.

New Years Ride with the Cycling Embassy of Japan in Tokyo
by Byron Kidd over 2 years ago
Cycling to the Boro-ichi Market in Setagaya, Tokyo.
by Byron Kidd over 2 years ago

Cinnamon Moon


A smörgåsbord of interesting culinary tidbits, both historical and modern, with a few recipes for dessert.



Personal blog of Jerald Uy, covering pop culture, comics, lifestyle and entertainment.

Live Work Travel USA


This blog is for U.S. immigrants, travelers and USA fans to help them get started, experience the country or just learn about the culture with lots of tips and advice. Being an immigrant myself, I share my experience and try to make it a little easier for others to get started and adjusted to their new environment.

Peter H. Fogtdal from Copenhagen, Denmark
by Dan almost 4 years ago
430 Million Unused Vacation Days
by Dan almost 4 years ago

MyUntangled Life


Simply put...we're a blog about untangling life. Find some DIY inspiration or a yummy new recipe - geek out with some tech talk or reach your cute overload with some dog (and cat) love - get inspired to work it out and live a healthy lifestyle - and that's just the beginning! It's real life, untangled.

Grain-Free Cat Treats to Fight Winter Boredom for Emma
by Kathleen MacArthur over 2 years ago
Ruby’s Valentine’s Day Haiku 2.14.16
by Ruby over 2 years ago

Be Diverse


B3diverse.com is a life-style cultural blog reflecting the beauty of diversity. Join me as I discover the beauty of all cultures and celebrate the diversity of it all.

Style Island


Style Island is fashion ,food, love, life and everything in between set against the backdrop of the city I love. It's a one stop shop for shopping, style, and all things New York City.

Namaste Mister Kris


A travel blog based in India written by an NGO consultant who also teaches yoga. Mister Kris loves India, every day I'm surprised and amazed by the vibrancy of this country. It does, however, have a few negative points and this blog is my log to remind myself of this amazing experience and share it with others

The GSA Blog


This is a lifestyle blog that focuses on the experiences of an expat. My hopes are to ease the transition for others like myself, through helpful tips, reviews and exploration. I believe no matter where you are in life you should try to live a happy fulfilling life. So that is what I am trying inspire through life lessons, travel, beauty, fashion and more. Making everyday life a bit more happy is the goal.

Tall Man's Life: Women Make Men like Me What We Are


Follow the life of a tall man in America and learn why being tall is a curse by society and how it effects both men and women.

Egoist Events Lifestyle


Trends, Ideas and Inspiration for creating corporate and private parties and activities, current events and innovations in London and around the world.

the Artsy Fartsy blog


Art, Culture and a little bit of Crazy. (LBGT friendly)



From the Thames to the Nile, the journey of a British expat in Cairo, Egypt.

The Pink Tarha


The online lifestyle guide to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Procrasti Nation - Cease Your Day!


Procrasti Nation will keep you updated with the best of music, pop culture, life style and travel from the perspective of a German expat living in Prague. Expect a lot of innovative and groovy music (rap, future bass, pop), pictures and stories from EU

Keep It Sesame Street, Yo: Big Bird Feat. The Fugees (Video)
by Flodoard Quolke about 4 years ago
Brian Williams Addresses His Rapping (Video)
by Flodoard Quolke about 4 years ago

Wine Debrief


Wine Debrief is an independent, informal wine blog by an expert sommelier. Visit the blog for straight-forward reviews of exciting wines from across the globe as well as wine tasting tips and guides to various regions, vintages and producers.

Saiing Somewhere


Blog contains cultural, inspirational, historical, nautical musings as a couple sails from the Great Lakes to the Caribbean and who knows where next.

Who Am I To Stop It


This blog features discussions of disability representation in the media, disability culture, guest posts by artists with brain injuries and disabilities, and follows a documentary film in production about artists with brain injuries called "Who Am I To Stop It."

Submit your art to the awesomest brain injury art show: The Creativity Expo in New Jersey
by brainreels over 4 years ago
Spotlight on Disability Film Festivals: The Disability Film Challenge 48-hour film race is on!
by brainreels over 4 years ago

Egoist Events and Concierge


Egoist Events offers its clients latest news in entertainment and leisure activities, private and corporate parties, gifts, latest openings and world famous events. Our concierge team will be happy to get you tickets for latest movie premiers, exclusive events and book best restaurants. Our event management team will organise memorable and bespoke events in the UK and Europe.

Burns the Fire


Ecstatic Tales of Life, Death, Love and Art.

The Textiil Blog - Events and Adventures


There's always something new to see and learn about Southeast Asian culture and textiles. Historical information, the creative process, types of textiles and motifs, global artisans and designers at work, plus news and events from organizations, museums and galleries, books, articles, and personal travel experiences.