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Stay up to date with the SWYF fashion blog. This blog informs you about the latest fashion trends, the best fashion bloggers of this moment and gives you ideas and inspiration for your next trendy outfit.

Aweigh With Me


I am the wife of a new sailor, and a filmmaker by day. I am here to share the things I love (which include cozy interiors, fashion, film, music, and food) and to learn from the military wives who have come before me.

Dreaming of Fall
by aweighwithme almost 5 years ago

The Asian Persuasion


The Asian Persuasion is a travel blog written by a expat Canadian living in South Korea and travelling Asia. It includes news, culture, and commentary from the expat perspective.

Bellbirds & Pea Shoots


Finding life's balance by living simpler, growing our own food, consuming less, giving more, seeking nature, making what we need and celebrating what we have. An eco-living journey by Michelle.

Visit to a blueberry and garlic farm: Bob's Farm Berries
by Michelle almost 3 years ago
Open Garden: Our Permaculture Backyard
by Michelle about 3 years ago

Sinto (feel) Bissau


I have been blogging for the past 3.5 months about my experiences in Guinea Bissau, a small country in West Africa where my father is from. I have been writing about things ranging from the countries political instability, cashew processing, holidays, cultural marriage practices, and etc.. I am writing to share my experiences and to demystify the realities of this small and little known country



Modera is the ultimate social media contest website/app, where you can post your unique lifestyle pictures and win prizes as your peers vote on your lifestyle. Sign up today!

Real Home Love


Real Home Love is a blog where I share DIY ideas, fashion inspiration and engaging with my readers about how to love where we are at right now, even if everything isn't perfect.

In Case of Survival


Post-apocalyptic humour and lifestlye blog.

Chelsea's Air Force Life


Follow me, my husband, and our dog as we travel the world!

General musings while abusing my mind


A blog filled with poetry, short stories and anecdotes of life. Nothing is the same everyday; same as this blog. It's focus is my minds eye. Poetry one day, short stories the next.

God Love


Enlightenment towards happiness. Find purpose or meaning to life in simple ways. True happiness, love, and God come hand in hand.

1 life 196 countries


Travel Blog dedicated to traveling and sharing 196 countries. Always accepting feature writers!



A Blog about life in South Korea covering Tourist Destinations, Art and Culture, Events, Music and Restaurant & Cafe life.

Words and Riddims


Words and Riddims incorporates lifestyle, entertainment, music and musing!

The Hug a Vegan Movement


We're about spreading compassion, love and respect for all creatures, big and small, human and non-human. One way to do that is by connecting and sharing with others, growing our vegan community! So, let's get it moving! Hug a vegan today!



GeekMatic is a collective group of passionate Geeks, bringing you in-depth news and original coverage on Urban and Popular Culture. Based in the Philippines, GeekMatic expands to Australia, Singapore and North America. A definite resource of animation, comics, movies, games, and toys! We’re Geeks on Automatic!



We enhance the lives of people with disabilities through enriching content and by promoting independence.