Confident Voice


US citizens don't just speak English, they speak an American version of the language. This blog helps learners capture the nuances of this important aspect of the country's culture.

Does accent reduction work?
by Susan almost 4 years ago
Accent Assessments Available
by Susan about 4 years ago

Sustainable Food


This blog captures the growing movement for the production of sustainable food in America. The greening of American cuisine is also a major blogging point here.

Asian American Movement


The revolutionary and radical viewpoints that appear in Asian American culture are this blog's main focus. Asian themes in politics and entertainment prevail here.

American Flag Blog


The signature symbol for American culture generates a wealth of must-read posts here. Readers can learn what the flag symbolizes and its importance to contemporary culture.

The Weather Channel Blog


America's extremely diverse weather patterns reflect on its equally unique population details here. Glean info on the country's understanding of climate change and more.

American Red Cross


This blog covers the importance, historical and current, of the Red Cross to America's triage and emergency health. Measles and tornadoes are recent topic points here.

Volunteers Map Fire-Affected Neighborhoods in Chile
by Jenelle Eli about 4 years ago
The Intersection of Work and Volunteering
by Kristiana Almeida about 4 years ago

Blog for Rural America


Though cities like New York and Los Angeles dominate news coverage, this blog reminds readers that American farmland lives on. Political ramifications for rural living are the main focus.

Conservation Going Strong in Sandhills
by Becky Keim over 2 years ago
Corporate Control, Fairness & Democracy
by Brian Depew over 2 years ago

I Am Korean American


Korean America receives its justly ample and comprehensive coverage here. The site expertly covers notable figures in the community too, like Maria Yoon and Mayda Miller.

NFL Gridiron Gab


American football is a phenomenon in the continental States; this page is where serious fans analyze every inch of the yard-line. Shape up for the upcoming season here.

Top 10 Worst NFL Free Agent Signings Of All-Time
by Matt Loede over 4 years ago
Does Moving Back The Extra Point Make Kickers More Valuable?
by Matt Loede over 4 years ago

Le Basketbawl


Basketball, a game invented in the U.S., receives a lushly quirky treatment on this page. Every aspect of the court is given a deeply felt consideration in the site's posts.

NBA Player Doesn’t Like Referee’s Call
by Josh Ahlstrom over 3 years ago
Westbrook’s Affect on Kevin Durant’s Game
by Josh Ahlstrom over 3 years ago

Change: Economic Justice


This blog covers Americans' stance and tackling of the country's currently dire financial straits. The site excellently covers those arrested for their economically motivated actions.

Broadway Musical Blog


Starlets from all over yearn to take their chances along the stages of America's center for theater; this blog fills readers in on the Main Stem's latest happenings.

The First Annual BroadwayCon
by Valerie Rigsbee over 2 years ago
A Buzzworthy on Broadway News Roundup
by Valerie Rigsbee over 2 years ago

Child Obesity in America


This blog chronicles the latest state in the epidemic crisis of American overweight children. Parents suffering from this issue can find advice on exercise and healthy eating.

Oct 7, the fat girl
over 4 years ago

Dogster: The Scoop


Dogs seems to be America's best friend, and this blog captures the salient Fidos making a difference from sea to shining sea. Heroic canines appear here regularly.

Duncan the Two-Legged Boxer Becomes a YouTube Video Star
almost 4 years ago
Brilliant: Shelter Interns Put Adoptable Dogs Up for Dates On Tinder
almost 4 years ago

Hawaii Blog


The Aloha state, just as much apart of America as New York, finds a devotional blog here. The latest news among the archipelago appears here in luau-lovely posts.

Q&A: Eisa Drum Festival on Saturday
by Ryan Ozawa about 4 years ago
Hawaii Geek Beat: Space Apps
by Ryan Ozawa about 4 years ago

The Scurvy Dog's Puerto Rican Blog


An important American territory Puerto Rico's importance for stateside culture is underscored here. Those traveling to the island receive authentic sightseeing advice.

The Beautiful Plaza of Mayagüez, PR, Interrupted
by Roberto about 4 years ago
Cacao to Chocolate and a Little Coffee too
by Roberto about 4 years ago

The Southern Way


The Southern Way explores the people, places and culture of life in The American South. Join co-hosts Mike Mitchell and Darrell Lee as the deliver a "video love letter" to a unique region of the country.

Mommies Vote Too


Mommies Vote Too is the home of a Conservative mommy having her say on politics, news, social issues and whatever else hits her radar.