This blog rouses a celebration for the progressive and modern sensibility that permeates contemporary Charleston. Fashion, food and wine are explored with relish here.

An Ode to the Egg
by caroline over 4 years ago
Digging the Tunes
by caroline over 4 years ago

The Memphis Blog


This blog explores the standouts, charming and strange, of the titular town and the mid-South. You can learn a lot about the city's sport and music scenes here too.

Dallas South


This devotional blog proves that its beloved Dallas is more than big hair and titanic 1980s melodrama. The site concentrates on the town's relationship with religion, real estate, and more.



Blogger Angela has been living in Dallas for more than 20 years. That she knows the city like the back of her hand is an understatement on this comprehensive page.

Dallas Best: I Scream for Ice Cream
about 4 years ago
Dirk Nowitzki 2014 Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game
about 4 years ago

Nashville Cream


This blog surpasses discussion of the Grand Ole Opry to instead talk about such contemporary concerns as modern country music. This blog spotlights the town's most promising local talent.

Dent May w/Meth Dad Tonight at The Stone Fox
by D. Patrick Rodgers almost 4 years ago
Watch Sturgill Simpson’s Tiny Desk Concert
by Adam Gold almost 4 years ago

West Virginia Blogger


Blogger Bucky drives a '92 Toyota, hates being an only child, and dreams of travel to Japan. And oh yeah, he covers his beloved state's cultural scene masterfully.

The Deepest Swimming Pool In The World
by Bucky almost 4 years ago
The Top Ten Most Heavily Guarded Locations
by Bucky almost 4 years ago

Daily Bama


Blogger Michael provides excellent coverage of what Alabama residents appreciate most about their state here. Sports, food, and the weather are the primary themes.

Spurrier talks Saban’s recruiting
by Cliff Kirkpatrick about 4 years ago
Sarah Patterson stepping down in gymnastics
by Cliff Kirkpatrick about 4 years ago



This blog publicizes the hip artistic community that's growing and thriving in North Carolina. Bakers, fashion designers, and more populate the peppy page.

Front Porches


Blogger Chanda covers the domestic culture of Missouri in all its homespun glamor here. She loves cooking from scratch and spoiling her dogs and horses.

Bunny Hops and Sweet Faces
by Chanda about 3 years ago
Here Comes Peter Cottontail
by Chanda about 3 years ago



Japanese-Americans have experienced a long and occasionally difficult history in the United States. Gil, a third-generation J-A, or Sansei, has earned acclaim for his nearly weekly ruminations on modern life as a minority in America. Though he writes from a Nikkei, or Japanese, background, the site seeks to encompass a variety of Asian American perspectives. The page covers everything, from stereotypes to sushi poppers. This is a trendy yet deep-digging site that leaves its readers enlightened.

Building bridges with the Muslim community
by Gil Asakawa over 2 years ago
George Takei’s “Allegiance” is a timely historical musical for today
by Gil Asakawa over 2 years ago



Southern California' mini-climate of rapid minority expansion has been embraced by the nation as a foreshadowing of America's future ethnic composition. Multi-American takes on the issues of immigration and cultural acceptance within and just outside of the United States borders. The writers extrapolate on the migrant microcosm currently surrounding Los Angeles as a way to widen readers' perspectives on the definition of being American in a racially and culturally more colorful land.

Reality Blurred


America isn't always solemn with shoulders stressed from carrying issue after weighty issue. Indeed, the U.S. has earned a reputation for casting aside its burdens increasingly often in favor of soaking up a new, more titillating task: watching reality TV. From Survivor to American Idol, reality programming has centralized itself as a mainstay of US culture. Reality Blurred is among the finest blogs anywhere on the topic, bringing an analytic, inquisitive, and contemplative viewpoint to the genre.

Archives of American Art Blog


Every culture can be vividly understood and intrepreted via the visual art it produces. In that vein, the Archives of American Art have produced a standout page that demands the attention of anyone clamoring for a grasp on American identity. An inundation of great American artists, from every period (major or minor), can find a significant space in each posting here. Pics of the artwork are often accompanied with insightful historical anecdotes. Visit often to be enlightened by what you read.

An Artist’s Home Movies: Hildreth Meière and the New York World’s Fair
by Archives of American Art over 2 years ago
Tools of the Trade
by Archives of American Art over 2 years ago

The Great American Blog


Fox News' Sean Hannity contributes his controversial opinion here the state of America today. He offers a sound understanding of right-wing US political ideology.

American Thinker


This American cultural analysis page shows a belief in the state of Israel as one of its few ardent political assertions. Others, readers can expect a smorgasbord of opinion here.

Democracy in America


Right, left, or center, this blog prefers to concentrate on the unique brand of politics America has produced. Anticipate posts of deep reflection and sharp intellect here.

Conservative estimate
about 4 years ago
No hero
about 4 years ago

American Short Fiction


As America's culture has always been historically captured by its writers, this blog upholds the country's fascination with literature. Up-and-coming authors appear here.



American Idol has become a critical component of the country's culture, and this blog captures it with charm. Learn about the latest winners and upcoming tours.

Idol Chat With M&M – Top 9 Power Rankings
by SirMac over 4 years ago
Tuesday Ratings: The Voice Hits a Season Low
by mj over 4 years ago

The American Muslim


Islam in America, a touchy subject, is covered with finesse and allure here. Blogger Robert, a former Marine, relates a nuanced and intelligent viewpoint to readers.