Relaunch: A Southern Ladyee's Journey in the 21st Century


This blog advertises the South as a haven for the well-mannered and super stylish. Learn about love, dating, and the art of the socialite lifestyle here.

Southern Culture on the Fly


Fly fishing is one of the South's most popular and prestigious pasttimes. This blog throws a line to amateurs and informs them on the finer points of the hobby.

The #keepemdry Issue Is Out and About For Your Viewing Pleasure
by Nymph-o over 2 years ago
Down the Hatch Returns
by Nymph-o over 2 years ago

North Carolina Government and Heritage


Learn about the history of North Carolina with an official yet warm tone on this page. The Charlotte Country Club and white Southern identity are recent topics of note.

Census Tips: 1800 Census
by Genealogical Services over 2 years ago
State Doc Pick of the Week : Cancer Profiles
by T.K. Adkins over 2 years ago

Cassandra's Soul Food


Venturing to the South means being close to an American treasure, soul food. Cassandra writes on the qualities of the cuisine, and where to find it done right.

almost 4 years ago
Family Soul-Food-Recipes
almost 4 years ago

Hushpuppy Nation


This blog delves into the unique history and styles of Southern food. Chef Rick uses personal culinary anecdotes to inject additional sizzle into each post.

Southern Food


An excellent way to get to know Southern food is to familiarize yourself with its food. Blogger Diana, of Mississippi, brings authentic know-how to the kitchen and this site.

Meatloaf Sliders
about 4 years ago
Fingerling Potato Salad
about 4 years ago

Paula Deen


A mention of Paula Deen will likely bring about an affectionate recall of her beaming smile and sultry opulence. Learn how bigger, and butter, is better in the South here.

modern conjure


Author Jamey, of Memphis, has accrued quite the reputation for her excellent short stories. She finds time to write charmingly on New Orleans here.

Long Hidden
by jamey almost 4 years ago
Long Hidden
by jamey almost 4 years ago



Blogger Jesmyn, of Mississippi, helps her readers do far more than learn how to spell the state expertly. She provides film reviews and youth-based insights into Southern culture.

John T. Edge


Blogger John has been heralded for his expertise on writing about Southern food and lifestyles. His is the blog to reader before choosing a Southern resto to splurge on.

Oxford American


The Oxford American is the preeminent publication on all things related to Southern Culture. Learn about recent features Bob Dylan, Black America, and eternal youth here. The site boasts numerous original blogs of OA contributors and staffers.

Jack Pendarvis


Acclaimed Southern journalist and essayist Jack Pendarvis has a blog large enough to hold his sprawling mind here. Read about Jerry Lewis, UFOs and more.

Sixteen Cucumbers
by Jack Pendarvis over 2 years ago
Literary Matters
by Jack Pendarvis over 2 years ago

Southern Momentum


This blog chronicles the joys and frustrations of being a mother in the South. Porch swings and sweet tea are guaranteed to be mentioned in every other post, it seems.

Southern Mamas


Parents in the Savannah, Georgia area gather here to discuss the latest in neighborhood events and happenings. Those planning to travel there will find this an important resource.

Blog of New Orleans


New Orleans has become internationally regarded as a microcosm of America's struggles and cultural excellence. Readers direct themselves here to stay abreast of the Big Easy's hardships.

Jazz Fest 2014: Photos from Day 2
by Scott Saltzman about 4 years ago
Saturday at Jazz Fest
by Will Coviello about 4 years ago

Defend New Orleans


This blog documents the sentiments of actual New Orleans residents about the region's rejuvenation. Read often to gain authentic insight into the Big Easy's difficulties.

Back of Town


People who are big fans of HBO's latest show "Treme" will find a haven in this site. The blog focuses on showing where the program and the New Orleans locale line up.

What Would Be Different In This City Of My Dreams?
by The Typist over 4 years ago
Episode Three Open Thread
by The Typist over 4 years ago

Moldy City


This New Orleans blog contains writing in French and Creole alike. It also delves deeply into the city's sometimes disjointed political scene.

Eat It, Atlanta


Blogger Jimmy provides Atlanta travelers with the perfect place to learn a ton on the city's culture and food. He reviews the restaurants and fests you should visit when there.

Pizza & Tacos & Stuff [Le Fat, Tasty China, Lusca, Villa Real, more]
by Jimmy about 3 years ago
Nuevo Laredo – Tortas and Stuff
by Jimmy about 3 years ago

Drive a Faster Car


Tessa has themed her blog on the culture and nightlife for which Atlanta and Decatur have earned deserved plaudits. She also covers the cities' music and art scenes.

Strange in San Antonio


This blog proves that San Antonio is anything but regular and humdrum. The site takes readers into a quirky, quaint yet charming understanding of the Texan city.

"Eyewear pitchman Yuchnitz dead"
by Albatross almost 5 years ago

Charleston Cycle Chic


The Charleston is a famous city, an historic dance, and now synonymous with an avid biking community. Visit here to see how the South Carolina town has embraced bicycling.