Tales from our Table


This is an Indian food blog "about family meals, favorite foods, the how and why thereof, and other stuff besides."

Thayir Sadam/Tempered Yogurt Rice
by chandna over 3 years ago
Achari Aloo
by chandna over 3 years ago



This "diary of a Hyerabadi foodie" is worth a read or two -- or three, if only to discover exactly what a "Hyerabadi" is.

Chuqandar Ki Subzi
by Mona over 2 years ago
Keema Bharay Tamatay Ka Salan – Tomatoes stuffed with Minced Meat in a Spicy Aromatic Gravy
by Mona almost 3 years ago

AIDY's Poetry Blog


"Navigating existential crises" is the primary calling of this site's head blogger and charismatic wordsmith.



Arguably America's cultural capital, New York City receives glamorous attention and analysis on this award-winning page. Shakespeare in the Park and the Meatpacking Distract are new post topics.

Susie Bright's Journal


Well, Susie Bright isn't technically a lesbian -- she's bisexual -- but that's close enough for our list. Her journal is a mix of personal stories and political commentaries, including her first confession in decades, which was inspired by an iPhone app.

Honey Lee Cottrell January 16, 1946 - September 21, 2015
by susie@susiebright.com (Susie Bright) almost 3 years ago
Honey Lee Update
by susie@susiebright.com (Susie Bright) almost 3 years ago



News about the trials and triumphs of the gay and lesbian world will continue to boom and flourish. The ever-important GLAAD organization, then, publishes this important blog.

Add Michigan judge to list of people who discredit Mark Regnerus
by rossmurray over 4 years ago
Judge rules Michigan's marriage equality ban unconstitutional
by brendan over 4 years ago

A Blog Supreme


A Blog Supreme has attracted a loyal and illustrious following for its top-tier perspective on the contemporary jazz scene. Stalwarts of jazz music will rub shoulders with complete neophytes, both groups attracted to this blog's excellent and clear writing and diverse selection of topic choices. We really appreciated their regular feature, Around the Jazz Internet postings, which compile the best of jazz headlines as they appear online.

5 Points Where Poetry Meets Jazz
over 4 years ago
Wayne Henderson, Jazz Crusaders Co-Founder, Dies
over 4 years ago

American Catholic Blog


Catholicism, a major religion in America's history, functions as this blog's primary fodder. It's an excellent way to delve into US culture's understanding of religion.

The Last of the Forty Days
by Angela Glassmeyer over 4 years ago
A Lenten Lesson from Traffic Court
by Louise Pare over 4 years ago

This American Life


The classic and highly acclaimed radio program carries over that winning programming onto this blog page. Ira Glass himself regularly writes posts here.

We want your stories about being high
by seth over 4 years ago
This Week on the Radio: "Tribes"
by adrianne over 4 years ago

American Blues


Blues music originated in America, and this blog captures the genre's continuing evolution. The writers specializes in finding new soulful artists with something to say.

Be Yr Own Queero


This blog has a mix of personal, political, and cultural posts--with a focus on the cultural. It has quite a bit of audio content. It is a multi-author blog, and users can submit stories.

People These Days Love Having A Convenient TV Broadband Phone Package Handy
by Brendan Tierney over 4 years ago
Working With The Right Broadband Phone Company
by Nicolas Stainer over 4 years ago

Dorothy Surrenders


Dorothy Surrenders is primarily a media website, particularly about movies and television. It's a good place to go for media geekery from a lesbian perspective. The blogger goes by the name of Dorothy Snarker.

Ladies Who (Glove) Lunch
by Dorothy Snarker over 2 years ago
My Weekend (Sickness) Crush
by Dorothy Snarker over 2 years ago

Blogdowntown: Life in Downtown LA


This blog covers the highs and lows of life in Los Angeles, a major American cultural center. Every post seems tinted with a certain California cool.

Chocolate City


Self-reputed to be "the best African American blog," the site covers topics like Sarah Palin and Kim Kardashian through a Black lens. Readers of all colors are encouraged to comment often.

Rosemary Reeves Candidate for Cook County Board Commissioner 3rd District
by Sekle58 over 4 years ago
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Nigerian author wins best fiction for ‘Americanah’
by Sekle58 over 4 years ago

Above the Law


Those who get a sugar high from legal gossip and behind-the-gavel action will thoroughly enjoy themselves here. The top people and companies in law are the common targets.

If You’re Using . . .
by Mark Herrmann over 2 years ago
Morning Docket: 02.29.16
by Staci Zaretsky over 2 years ago

I Love Memphis


Nashville may be the first city to come to mind when pondering the state of Tennessee. Blogger Kerry displays an outstanding argument for Memphis to surpass that other town as the state's best locale. Kerry starts with basic examples of Memphis' stellar quality: low cost of living, distinctive and delicious cuisine, and a burgeoning music scene of note. But every post highlights another even more specific and scintillating representation of exclusive Memphis mojo.

5 Things To Do in Memphis This Weekend: 6/27 – 6/29
by Holly Whitfield about 4 years ago
The I Love Memphis Guide to Independence Day 2014
by Holly Whitfield about 4 years ago

Austin Eavesdropper


"Keep Austin weird" is the titular Texan town's top phrase to explain and protect the alternative wonder and atmosphere that has famed the town. That whimsy appears unadulterated and maximized on Tolly's paean of a blog page. Having loved a cat as well as a husband, her site shows off a rare sense of warmth and empathy when it comes to describing the affairs of her life. Those who've never before visited the city will find themselves well-prepared to embrace its fresh delights.

by Tolly over 2 years ago
by Tolly about 3 years ago



Thankfully, this site's charming if initially cryptic name is explained immediately, as a an imperative version of the verb "look," used almost exclusively in New Orleans. That sparkling and highly specific use of Big Easy culture permeates this blog, a devotional page to the recently troubled city, again and again. Blogger Chuck concentrates his site on the city's food and nightlife scene but frequently writes excellently on the soul of New Orleans itself.

A Southern Fairytale


Mention the South, and you're likely to draw references to the region's cuisine before any other response. A mother from Texas has capitalized on the South's worldwide culinary recognition and themed her blog page on the dishes and cooking styles that help distinguish Southern cuisine. Fortunately, Southern Fairytale eschews any stuffy allusions to Michelin stars or molecular gastronomy and focuses on what the South is known for -- excellent, rib-sticking, homespun cooking you can't forget.

Native American Blog


Two Feathers, of the Blackfoot tribe, composes this blog that delves into the latest Native news and culture. You can often find his reviews and analyses of books, too.

New Age Fraud Shutdown for Libel Blog
by noreply@blogger.com (Grant Redhawk) over 2 years ago
John Trudell - Take back the Earth
by noreply@blogger.com (Grant Redhawk) over 2 years ago

Southern Femme


Women of the South are much more than belles and mintjulep sippers, as this blog verifies. This blogger from Alabama flaunts the region's capacity for excellent fashion.

Style Icon 101
by Southern Femme almost 4 years ago
5 Ways to Tie a Scarf
by Southern Femme almost 4 years ago