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Prosecutors Want Prade Jailed after Appellate Ruling
about 4 years ago
New DNA Points to Innocence of North Carolina Man
about 4 years ago

Police Cover-Up Exposed - Edited Out Footage - BBCs Madness in the Fast Lane Documentary


here's the post, where you’ll see for the very first time in 4 years the crucial 27secs of film footage that was edited out of the original BBC Madness in the Fast Lane documentary: Had the millions of people who first watched it known of its existence - and especially that of the family of murdered Glenn Hollinshead, then the "legal" situation and outcome of what took place would have been entirely different; such as Sabina Eriksson’s court case - and the Hollinshead family would have sued the police and the hospital concerned - and as is the case at present! Equally worrying is to why do the Staffordshire police "records" show no record of this? Despite the officer involved- PC Finlayson, who is the "good cop" here, - having to fill out all the necessary and relev ant and specifically related paperwork when first arresting someone under the 1983 Mental Health Act - and which in addition a “copy” of such paperwork is then handed over the hospital staff at the time of the patients arrival! http://www.thisisstaffordshire.co.uk/Author-says-Glenn-Hollinshead-s-killer-loose/story-17512401-detail/story.html?dwrMeth=addComment&afterReg=Y If links not working: http://youtu.be/Yo4EpHTnuCE “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."



case of Bryan Sheppard and the kansas city framed five, how they were wrongly convicted 18 yrs ago, for a crime they are innocent of. Also public can list stories oppinions and petitions.