Criminal HIV Transmission


A new crime has emerged -- unlawful and intended transmission of the HIV virus. This blog lets you know more about this warped and scary phenomenon.

Art Theft Central


Art theft, forgery, fakes, and the looting of antiquities has been a part of the art world since time immemorial. This blog provides wonderful tidbits as well as more comprehensive postings on the shadowy world of art crime. This blog is a great addition to those interested in studying art history from an intriguing perspective.

Federal Tax Crimes


Many people who fail to file their taxes properly and on time anxiously pray for a simple slap on the wrist for a punitive measure. The government is not always so genteel when it comes to doling out punishments that center around taxes. This blog chronicles some of the juiciest of those stories with gutsy rule breakers who fought the law, only to painfully learn how legislation would win. Students and tax professionals will find this blog to be taxation catnip.

Belgian Charges Against UBS for Money Laundering and Tax Evasion (2/26/16)
by noreply@blogger.com (Jack Townsend) over 2 years ago
NPR Planet Money Podcast on a Tax Protestor (2/20/16)
by noreply@blogger.com (Jack Townsend) over 2 years ago

Spy Blog


This United Kingdom based blog highlights surveillance trends by the State, corporations, and criminals in pursuit of individual’s personal information and private details. The blog calls for implementation of stronger protections and safeguards without eroding individual freedom and liberty.

City of London Police commissioner versus Apple & Google Mobile Phone Phone handset encryption
by wtwu almost 3 years ago
Are United Kingdom Security Clearance databases secure, in the light of US failures ?
by wtwu about 3 years ago



The extremely polemical organization maintains as much transparency as its fragile position allows here. Visitors can email questions that will be answered at a date to be announced.

White Collar Fraud


"It takes one to know one" is the basis for this blog written by a convicted felon Claimed to be recommended reading by american bar association's journal, this blog serves as a resource for . . . . explains the mentality of white collar crime. Sam Antar described himself as a convicted felon and someone who

Update on Bitcoin Money Laundering Case: Both Defendants Are Talking to the Feds
by Sam Antar over 4 years ago



The Association for Research into Crimes against Art is an interdisciplinary think tank on contemporary issues in art crime (theft, forgeries, fakes, looting of archaeological sites, and sale of illegal antiquities).

How many repatriated (previously looted) Khmer statues can you name?
by lalbertson over 2 years ago
Second Sentry guard shot at incident at the Deir el-Bersha archaeological site has died
by lalbertson over 2 years ago