Kidnapping, Murder, Mayhem


Here crime writer Robert A. Waters comments on actual cold cases, current and historical. The murder and kidnapping accounts read like a well-written novel -- except they're real!

The February 9th Killer
by Robert A. Waters over 2 years ago
Blog to be Put on Hold
by Robert A. Waters almost 3 years ago

Crime, Guns, and Videotape


A former private detective in the Windy City writes sparkling posts on the nature of crime today. Chicago's flash mob violence is a subject that brings out great thoughts in him.

Government Buildings, Security and We The People
by Crimefile about 4 years ago
Death Penalty Activist Ruben “Hurricane” Carter is Dead
by Crimefile over 4 years ago

No Body Murder Cases


A former federal prosecutor experienced in hundreds of murder cases focuses on those murders which involve no body. Cases from throughout the United States are chronicled; a tipline is included for anyone having information about a case they would like investigated.