Teach Our Teens and Save Their Lives


Susie Kroll devotes her career to educating and informing about the issue of teen dating violence. Her block is a thought-provoking resource for discussion and education on the topics of teen relationships within today's popular culture.

Project Safe Girls


A domestic violence survivor herself, Anny Jacoby offers interesting posts about her take on incidents in the news, celebrities, and crimes such as human trafficing -- all from the perspective of a self defense expert and advocate for women.

Sanctuary for the Abused


Here is information, articles and resources for victims and survivors of many forms of abuse. Awareness of abuse against people with disabilities and those who stay in abusive environments because of power imbalance and caregiver abuse is explored.

One Group Has a Higher Domestic Violence Rate Than Everyone Else
by Barbara over 2 years ago
Born to Lie?
by Barbara over 2 years ago

The Fighter for Innocent People


Human Rights is a global concern today. For securing rights of one sections of the people some other group of people have to sacrifice their rights. This creates a bizzare situation. Where to strike a balance? Find out -