Private Investigator


For the aspiring PI. If you're curious how to become a Private Investigator or you want to better your skills PI Blog has just what you need. This site has information on careers, cases and different investigations.

Sep 16, Battery Investigation
almost 4 years ago
Aug 26, How Much Do Bounty Hunters Earn
almost 4 years ago

Sherlock's Case Files


Blogger Skipp writes about wiretapping, bugging, and other technology that can capture crime quietly. His private detective career also influences most posts here.

PI buzz


Tamara Thompson has created a site that will help you better gather information. See all the angles and know what to look for with the help of PI buzz.

Myspace and Flickr for Photo Search
by Tamara Thompson Investigations about 4 years ago
My Favorite Private Investigator Links (weekly)
by Tamara Thompson about 4 years ago

Private Eye Confidential


A blog about being a Private Investigator by a Private Investigator. PI Mike Spencer writes in detail about his cases and what it takes to be a good investigator.

Never Pick a Private Eye Based Only On Price
by Mike Spencer over 2 years ago
How A Private Investigator Helps Your Family Law Case
by Mike Spencer over 2 years ago

The Private Detective


A great resource from actual Private Detectives. You;re able to learn about the world of private investigation as these bloggers share their knowledge.