Cop in the Hood


Peter Moskos would impress great crime minds like Connelly's with his CV alone, having been educated at both Princeton and Harvard. He might just be envied by outstanding crime writers too, because Peter exhibits a rare wit and understanding of the criminal system in his books and blog. That savvy was likely earned in abundance from his work as an on-the-force policeman; each post brims with authenticity you can only glean from the streets.

This is what rational drug policy looks like
by Peter Moskos over 3 years ago
Don't snort the white heroin!
by Peter Moskos over 3 years ago



Get all the relevant info, crime stats, what's going on with the Los Angeles Police Department here. Chief Charlie Beck is here to let you know what's going on with the nation's largest police force.

Notes from the April 29, 2014 Weekly Police Commission Meeting
by lapdblog about 4 years ago
Officer-Involved Shooting in Newton Area
by lapdblog about 4 years ago

Behind the Blue Line


This blog discusses how policing takes place in Canada, where Mr. Connelly grew up. It stands out for honestly relating the specific of Canadian crime's highs and lows.

by Sandra over 4 years ago

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Payne


Chief Inspector Mark Payne is a detective in the UK. he has been an officer for 16 years and investigates serious crimes such as murders.

Inside Discover Policing


This blog lets Connelly devotees understand and appreciate the craft and dedication of police work. Those considering the profession also find counsel here.

Five Myths About the Criminal Justice Field
by tphillips about 4 years ago
This Week in the Career Center: January 4-10
by tphillips over 4 years ago

Hariharan's Intelligence Blog


This former Indian army intelligence officer blogs about the state of spies in the military in contemporary Asia. Insurgency and terrorism are his expert subjects.

Modi’s Day-1 in office
by R. Hariharan about 4 years ago
First take on Foreign Policy and Power Projection under Modi
by R. Hariharan about 4 years ago