Murder, Mystery & Mayhem


A wonderful blog reviewing all of your favorite murder mystery books. This blog is a great place for you to come and see how your next book is reviewed. If you're curious what a book is about, there's no better place to find out.

Crime and Investigation Network


This British organization focuses on crime and violence on television in the Isles. American crime lovers will have a jolly good time checking this out.

Defrosting Cold Cases


Frustrated by the number of unsolved homicides that exist, this attorney and blogger known as Vidocq, has taken on the task of writing about it all: unidentified bodies, wrongful convictions, missing persons and murders by the dozens. We are all invited to study the cases to help him uncover and solve the mysteries.

Book Alert: the Skeleton Crew
by Alice de Sturler about 4 years ago
Help the Cedar Rapids Police
by Alice de Sturler about 4 years ago

2nd Official Tate-LaBianca Murders Blog


Here are posts and photos from one of the most chilling set of crimes of the twentieth century: the Tate-LaBianca mass murders masterminded by Charles Mansion. The movie, Helter Skelter was based on these crimes which created a cultural upheaval because of the randomness of such guresome acts.

Horror Haunting The Beauty…And Me
by MsBurb over 3 years ago
Make-Believe on Malibu Beach - A Story…
by MsBurb over 4 years ago