The Crime Scene


Winner of numerous blog awards, this author delves into crimes mainly occurring in the Springifeld, Missouri area. Crime scene pictures and details are the basis for this more in-depth regional crime reporting. Reporting on the aftermath of the crimes, court proceedings, and convictions bring the local criminal justice system full circle.

Jury Finds Tuttle Guilty in Dan Martin's Murder:
by Kathee Baird almost 3 years ago
New Businesses Giving Crane’s Main Street A New Look:
by Kathee Baird almost 3 years ago

Cops Alive


CopsAlive is basically about cops help other cops stay alive through safety tips and heads-up reporting. It's about all aspects of danger in the line of police work.

Plant the Seeds for Comprehensive Fitness Today!
by Editor over 2 years ago
Understanding and Developing Your Emotional & Spiritual Health
by Editor over 2 years ago

Second City Cop


This site, run by Bill Cozzi, a cop in Chicago, is all about issues involved with police in the city of Chicago.

Nice Weekend
by SCC over 2 years ago
Homicide Discrepancy
by SCC over 2 years ago

Glock N’ Cuffs


Experience from 27 years on the force is the topic that drives this blog. Stories such as staring down the barrel of a gun and other real-life experience is discussed here.

Think Different


This commander in the Aurora Police Department, Kristen Zimmerman, in Aurora, Illinois runs this blog discussing issues pertaining to law enforcement. Zimmerman holds a bachelor's in Criminal Justice from Aurora University.

Abundance versus Scarcity
by Kristen Ziman over 2 years ago
Angels and Demons
by Kristen Ziman over 2 years ago

The Squad Room


This blog discusses cutting edge topics like new police techniques, technologies, literature, and general information on how police detective work is done and accomplished.

The Chief's Corner


This blog run by Officer Katie Flood, who is the department public information officer in Lincoln, Nebraska, focuses on police issues pertinent to the community of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Great career draws to close
by Tom Casady over 2 years ago
The problem with community policing
by Tom Casady over 2 years ago

Cop n’ Attitude


This hilarious title for a blog gives you an idea of the sense of humor you might find here. Life on the streets and dealing with criminals, the netrtaining side, is dealt with here.

The Duty Sgt


A 30-something year old sarge in the UK and his team of officers share their daily experiences here, Help them help you put the bad guys away for good.

The Meaningful Use Stage 2 Hardship Application
by abu samuel over 4 years ago
Building Unity Farm - Winter Hive Maintenance
by abu samuel over 4 years ago

Response Plod


This blog from the UK goes into interesting calls right there in the jolly ole UK. As it says on the site..,.:frustrations, rants, and raves."

Police Inspector Blog


This is one of the most popular underground police blogs in all the UK. With a name like Inspector Gadget, you know this one's going to be interesting.

The Thinking Policeman


Philosophical commentary by a British police inspector makes for a a humorous take on his sightings, such as the "disappearing bike lanes" -- a pet peeve; or the more serious accounts such as his experiences with tending sudden deaths, whether it be an infant or a heart attack victim collapsing in the road. "Sudden deaths -- I hate them!" he says.

Did Rebekah Brooks Influence Appointment Of Met Commissioner?
by Lex Ferenda almost 4 years ago
Theresa May and That Speech
by Lex Ferenda about 4 years ago

Sergeant Simon


Sergeant Simon works in the UK on a response team in the outskirts of a major city. Hear his point of view from that as a person on an actual police strike team.

Eden Prairie Police Department Blog


This blog from a police department in suburban Minnesota includes updates on police and their activities as well as profiles of individual police officers.

Recognizing Our Employees
by EPPD Administration about 3 years ago
Thank you Dispatchers!
by EPPD Administration about 3 years ago

PC Bloggs


This super-modern and hip police officer seems like a character Connelly should craft into a novel one day. The zesty figure created the Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Facebook Faux Pas
by PC Bloggs over 2 years ago
Uncommon Sense
by PC Bloggs over 2 years ago

Inside the Lakeland PD


This blog is about what is going on i Lakeland, news of the day, information on jobs in the policing profession, and helpful safety tips are just a few of the topics of this community blog.

The Philosophical Cop Police Blog


This blog by this police officer takes of course a philosophical look at the dangers and the aspects of police work. Topics include the reasons for police violence: are they justified?

The Police Daily


A tribute to the lighter side of law enforcement, see life from a police officer's point of view when it's not all gruesome violence. Published daily, there are videos, "coptoons" and of course a section on "cops and donuts," dedicated to "perpetuating the stereotype." This blog is a welcome break from true crime.

Kid Cop


Life and experiences of an Ohio Police Explorer.